9 Room Decor Ideas We’re Loving for Fall 2019

9 Room Decor Ideas We’re Loving for Fall 2019

Temperatures are cooling, days are getting shorter, and everybody is busting out their sweaters again: It’s finally time for fall and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

Fall is a fan-favorite in our offices and if social media is any indicator the season is just as popular nationwide. It’s no wonder we’re starting to see harvest apples and pumpkin spice-everything hitting the shelves en masse

Interior designers and bloggers across the web are both in a mad-dash to pick out their top tips, tricks, and trends for the season. 

In the spirit of the season, we’ve rounded up a list of 9 of our favorite ideas and elements to make your space just a bit more cozy and warm this chilly autumn season. 

We’ve discussed the summer to fall transition at length in a previous blog post where we shared our top 5 expert tips to get your autumn revamp started. Combine the tips shared over there with the new trends discussed here to conquer the season like one of the pros. 

Sculptural design elements

We are loving the look of sculptural elements mixed in with 2D art. Not only does it give your walls a dynamic look and feel but they’re also such an unexpectedly easy way to add metallic accents to any room. 

We’ve styled this neutral Scandinavian-inspired bedroom with an oversized abstract print that brings out the different tones in the space’s overall design. We paired this print with a funky, gold, geometric wall decor sculpture and came up with this awesome layered effect.

Aside from our already extensive collection of wall accents, we’ve worked hard with designers and buyers to pick out the cream of the crop in terms of avant-garde and abstract geometric wall sculptures for your enjoyment. Head to our “Wall Accents” collection to browse and get inspired!

Chunky knit blankets, carpets, and tapestries

The last two seasons of the year are all about layers. In fashion and in interior design, layers add interest, texture, and dimension to a look. 

This season we’re channeling our inner Dane and embracing the “hygge” (hyoo-ge) trend that’s taken the world by storm for the past three years. The word encompasses that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you curl up with a mug of cocoa or the fulfilled contentment you experience from any number of life’s simple pleasures. 

The big picture take-aways we gleaned from hygge were warm and cozy interiors to keep the chill out and pieces that bring you joy in either a warm or cool neutral tones. 

Thoughtfully curated shelving

Our new collection of floating infinity wall shelves are a great space saver AND decor item. Decorative edge detailing and brand new finishes combine the best of form and function into one versatile piece of furniture that is a must-have for all spaces.

Tackle your decor stash and display those long-forgotten pieces you just didn’t have any more room for. 

We’re loving the look of mixed candles and vintage findings for an eclectic edge that’s equal parts chic and whimsical to add a magical touch to a space. For added storage solutions, add wicker or textile boxes and baskets to jam-pack with goodies. 

Create ambiance with twinkle lights

We’ve always been a fan of the soft, romantic atmosphere that fairy lights provide and they’re just the perfect item to break out for the fall season. String lights are a fun and festive way to add a pop of color and additional lighting to your space at little-to-no additional cost. 

These fun little add-ons come in a variety of colors and styles to fit every budget and taste and are readily available from both local and major retailers alike. 

Unique mirrored surfaces

Mirrors have long been a favorite among interior designers as a way to open up and ground a space. We love them for their versatility and their functionality, which is why we’re always on the lookout for the newest and coolest designs to update our collections with. 

The round mirror below features metal elements and a woven corn husk overlay to create a truly unique corn husk wall decor piece. 

Yes, that’s right: corn husks! What could be more festive for the fall than harvest crops repurposed into the ultimate piece of wall decor? 

The pale earthy tones and bold metallic colored armature of this mirror make it a true statement piece and is practically guaranteed to make you the envy of block this fall season. 

Functional wall decor

Clocks are a staple in any room, regardless of the season, and being on time is always trendy. We’ve updated our oversized wall clock collection to include more varieties of finishes, colors, and styles, giving you more decor choices.

If you hadn’t already guessed, we’re huge on pieces that serve a dual purpose. We love it when something is equally beautiful and useful and we especially love it when useful things are made to be beautiful. This picture frame and coat/key rack combo strikes that sweet spot for us.

Mixing design styles

A new season is always a great time for experimenting with your own personal style. Start your quests by mixing and matching different decor pieces that speak to you, and branch out as your heart desires.

This year, we notice people mixing not only design styles but also playing with pieces from previous eras. To mimic this trend, try your hand at thrifting interesting baubles, frames, or decor pieces or match classical artwork with modern settings, items and furniture. You might be surprised at what you end up with!

Textures galore!

Last post we discussed the impact that texture can have on a room. As a crucial design element, texture can make or break your space and home decor. 

The decor obsession with finding new ways to incorporate texture into a space is going strong this season. Not only are textured throws, pillows, and rugs still trending, but wall art and tapestries are quickly catching up. With so many options and ways to incorporate texture into your rooms, you have no excuse not to already be making use of this impactful design element. 

This framed wall art is a prime example of texture and can be found by looking through our many collections. Display on a picture ledge or hang directly on the wall for a graphic punch that’s sure to make an impact. 

Getting cozy by candlelight

Would it truly be fall without a few candles? With so many options on the market, you should have no problem finding the right candle to fit your decor and lifestyle.

Vanilla and cedarwood are tried-and-true scents that are guaranteed to be crowd-pleasers, and cinnamon spice and apples are always a close second. Surprisingly enough, magnolia, mandarin, and a number of unusual aromas have snuck their way onto our list of faves, especially when paired with notes of amber, patchouli, and moss.

If you live somewhere that limits or prohibits the use of real-flame candles, consider purchasing electric and keeping an essential oil diffuser running. You may not get the exact same effect, but it’s so much better than nothing.

Whatever your style, there’s something for everyone in these 9 fall decor concepts. We recommend giving at least one of them a try because we’re positive these trends are going to carry over to winter. 

What do you think about these fall decor trends? Did we get it right? Something we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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