Accessorizing your home decor with oversized wall clocks!

Accessorizing your home decor with oversized wall clocks!

One of the staples when it comes to home decor and interior designing is the use of wall decor accessories. These pieces are used to complete or finish off a room and give a space that extra pizzazz it needs to elevate it from ordinary to captivating.

Oversized wall clocks have been used as these decorative, functional and fashionable accessories for some time now and we wanted to delve into this category of home decor further to focus on and feature some of our latest additions.

Why oversized wall clocks?

Regardless of the look you’re going for, one hallmark accessory for just about any room is the use of wall clocks. Now even though we live in a time where digital clocks and smart phones tell us time easily and are readily available in multiple formats within seconds, there’s something charming about having a wall clock on display within your home. And not just any wall clock; the focus of this blog pertains to the popularity and purpose of utilizing oversized wall clocks within your home decor.

Part of the fun of using exaggerated large wall clocks is because they bring a sense of drama to whichever room you decide to put them in. Think about it, no matter where you decide to hang one of these beauties, there’s no way the piece will go unnoticed.

Obviously their intention is to display time; but it’s within a commanding, powerful and aesthetically pleasing way. Plus, an oversized clock needs to stand out as a bold accent or accessory otherwise it could end up looking like a poor design choice with bad placement. Their commanding size and shape forces one’s focus towards the piece, therefore its placement should be an intentional, purposeful and thoughtful design decision that will leaving a lasting impact on a room.

How to choose the right kind of oversized wall clock?

Whether you’re aiming for a clean and simple modern look or a more rustic and vintage aesthetic, selecting the right wall clock is an important decision that can make or break your room’s overall sense of style and design.

When selecting an oversized wall clock, you want it to mesh with your room’s decor and design style. The idea is to think about the overall picture of the room and your end-vision.

Think about what you are trying to achieve with your room. Do you have lots of wall space and want to have one strong focal point with a large wall clock or would you like to create a salons style set-up with lots of pieces of art and decor surrounding your oversized wall clock? These are important questions to ask yourself before beginning the process of choosing your wall clock and other wall decor accents or accessories.

You’re probably well aware of the several types of decorative wall clock styles we may have. From rustic to modern, antique and vintage clocks, we carry quite an assortment of large wall clocks that offer subtle differences between them that distinguish each one as its own.

Read on further to help get a sense of finding the right oversized wall clock that suits your unique style, tastes, personality, as well as household decor style and sensibility.

Modern Farmhouse Wall Clocks

Modern farmhouse is often characterized by its signature pairing of contrasting materials such as wood and metal. It’s this attribute that creates such wonderful wall decor that is attention grabbing, stylish, and comforting. It’s a touch of the past with a bit of modernity mixed in. It has a bit of a rustic and retro feel to it with a splash of simplicity and style.

Both of the modern farmhouse wall clocks below follow this design characteristic of the farmhouse style and display them ever so effortlessly and beautifully. Both look like vintage pieces with their use of rustic wood while also maintaining a modern design sense with metal incorporated into their design to give it a cohesive, completed and contrasting look.

When selecting the right wall decor accent for a modern farmhouse space, like an oversized wall clock, it’s wise to stick to a piece featuring a neutral palette and simple details, like this wood and metal wall clock that features Roman Numerals. The rectangles running around the perimeter of the clock are a nice touch to the piece as well as the extra large printed Roman Numerals; making it super easy to see and read from afar.

The important thing to remember when it comes to this style is that less is definitely more.

Vintage and Antique Style Wall Clocks

While similar to modern farmhouse, the vintage and antique style wall clocks tend to have a more weathered, worn and distressed look to them. They will often feature whitewash finishes either on wood, metal, or both.

Vintage and antique style clocks also tend to look best in rooms or living spaces that would ideally have more of an unfinished appearance. These antique clocks lend themselves to that shabby-chic aesthetic and look great in a room that has a similar treatment. You know the kind we’re referencing; those rooms that look as if paint is chipping or peeling from off the walls or you have furniture pieces that have been treated in a similar fashion. It’s that shabby chic and weathered look that immediately screams vintage.

These clocks tend to look like they’ve withstood the test of time (pun always intended), and feel as if they were meant to belong in your vintage style living room, dining room, kitchen or bathroom.

Western Farmhouse Wall Clocks

If you’re not sure what western farmhouse is, imagine a cozy Wyoming cottage sitting on a small, remote ranch. This style is typically considered to be the most rugged of all the farmhouse looks.

Some western farmhouse traits include unfinished wood, mismatched southwest or Native American prints, worn leather furniture, and equestrian gear utilized as decor. Cacti and succulents are also common houseplants in spaces like these.

When choosing a wall clock for this style, the more worn or rustic, the better. A western farmhouse wall clock would stay true to western farmhouse thanks to its “old west” floral design, rope numerals, and distressed wood frame.

French Farmhouse Wall Clocks

French farmhouse, also known as French provincial, is closely related to the shabby chic style. Common color palettes feature powder blues and pastel pinks, as well as distressed white furniture. Hyper-feminine floral touches are also common, as well as plenty of French flourishes like fleur-de-lis and other similar scrolled designs.

When hunting for an oversized wall clock for a space like this, be sure to select something neutral in color that also offers detailing in some sort of fashion, whether it be a pattern or a treatment. A good example of a French farmhouse wall clock might look something like this.

This wonderful oversized wall clock features shabby chic and weathered detailing all around its border that makes it a true wall decor accessory for your home. Plus, the Union Hotel print with Paris written in cursive gives it that delicate feminine touch while also having a commanding presence.

Industrial Farmhouse Wall Clocks

This farmhouse style is a close second to the modern farmhouse style in terms of popularity. Much more common in urban neighborhoods, industrial farmhouse is characterized by its brick walls, dark wood floors, and metal light fixtures. Essentially, this is the most masculine style of the bunch.

In order to select a wall clock for this style, look for something with an industrial farmhouse wall clock made from strong galvanized metal, giving it that brooding masculine kind of style and aesthetic that would look wonderful against a dark red brick wall.

Bohemian Farmhouse Wall Clocks

Also known as eclectic farmhouse, bohemian farmhouse has many of the natural wood and airy elements of other styles, except with way more color injected into the space.

Bohemian farmhouse is tricky, but as long as you start with rustic wood floors, white walls, and furniture with clean lines, you can pretty much let your imagination run wild from there. Southwest prints, random assortments of color, and macrame wall hangings aren’t uncommon features in this style.

A clock that would complement this style well might look something like this due to its eclectic numeral display and mix of wood and corrugated galvanized metal. It’s definitely an aesthetic to mull over.

Oversized Pocket-watch Wall Clock

One of our personal favorites and latest additions to our collection of oversized wall clocks is our pocket watch wall clocks. These charming time keepers are enlarged and exaggerated versions of the small timepieces gentlemen would carry from an almost forgotten time. Bearing the resemblance of old pocket-watches that your grandfather may have carried, these grandiose gadgets of time work as exceptional and captivating wall clocks for your home.

In the end, just go with what you love.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of farmhouse styles (believe it or not!) but you can at least get an idea of how closely related they can be. A coastal farmhouse clock can easily be exchanged for a Scandinavian farmhouse clock, so long as the overall aesthetic of the space is taken into consideration.

Your home is a sacred space, so the most important thing is that you fill it with things you love. As the legendary interior designer Billy Baldwin once said, “Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”

Do you have a farmhouse wall clock in your home? Which farmhouse style is your favorite?

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