5 Easy Ways to Transition Your Home from Summer to Fall

5 Easy Ways to Transition Your Home from Summer to Fall

The seasons have officially changed and fall is here! The seasonal transition to fall means so many things – football games have returned to TV, the leaves are slowly and steadily changing, the air is becoming cooler and crisper, and it’s time to begin preparing our homes for colder nights and an impending holiday season.

With so much to do, it can seem impossible to keep up with everything that comes along with the new season, but transitioning your home decor doesn’t have to be one of them! Don’t believe us? Grab a pumpkin spiced latte, throw your hair in a messy bun, and clear out an afternoon: here are 5 easy ways to transition your home from summer to fall!

1. Decide on your Autumn color palette.

Before making any new home accessory purchases, decide which color palette you’d like to use this fall. Of course, there is the traditional color scheme, which includes rich reds, warm oranges, deep browns, and shimmery golds. This theme can be easily amplified with the inclusion of decor and furniture that are made from natural and antiqued elements like rustic wood or weathered metal. This helps to create a classic, more traditional look that’s elegant and timeless.

Herbs and Spices Color Palette

“Caravan” via Design Seeds

With that said, if you want to go for a more contemporary fall palette, a current fall 2018 trend for color is keeping your fall decor mostly comprised of neutral shades of white and gray, with one or two added colors for a “pop.” This season, popular fall palettes also include those with deep, luscious jewel tones and those with a slightly monochromatic appearance.          

Burgundy and Peach Color Palette

“Transition” via Design Seeds 

Rows of leaves with a Soft Color Palette of Greens and Pinks

  “Gather” via Design Seeds

2. Use fall scents.

Acorns, Leaves and Berries on Table

The perception of beauty and comfort in your home comes not only from what you see visually or feel physically, it also comes from the scents you detect. Put very simply, our sense of smell helps us detect whether or not something is “good” or “bad,” and it also can be very strongly linked to our memories and well-being (just try relaxing in a room that smells of rotten fish, and you’ll understand what we mean).

This fall, fill your home with scents that evoke all your favorite things about the season. Have wonderful memories of picking apples in an orchard with your child? Love the experience of relaxing by the fire with a cup of jo? Or maybe you just adore the way the air smells on the morning of the first chill of the season? No matter what you associate with autumn, there are wonderful scents for your home to help recapture those experiences.

 5 Starburst Table Top Candle Stick Holder

Starburst 5 Candle Holder

3 Starburst Table Top Candle Stick Holder

 Starburst 3 Candle Holder

Of course, when introducing lots of new candles to your home, you’ll need some candle holders, too! Great seasonal candle holders are those that include the same earthy, fall hues you’re aiming to achieve in the room. Some great options are our gorgeous starburst candle holders, which include a hint of gold to add some glimmer to your decor.

3. Natural elements and fall foliage.

Various Pumpkins in Shapes, Colors, and Sizes

Fall is really all about the celebration of the beauty of Mother Nature. It’s truly awe-inspiring once you stop to think about how incredible the changing seasons are, as well as how beautifully it happens.

Incorporating fall foliage is a wonderful way to add a hint of autumn to your home’s interior, and it can be as simply a trip to the grocery store. Fill a bowl in the kitchen with pears and apples. Use pumpkins and other gourds of various sizes as a centerpiece on your dining room table. Fill vases in your entryway with sunflowers. These minimal touches can really go a long way toward creating a fabulous fall interior.

Rustic Barnwood Window Framed Cotton Stems

But fall foliage isn’t just for vases! Depending on where the crop is located, cotton harvesting lasts anywhere from late July and well into November, making cotton stems a popular fall decorating staple. Our new barnwood window framed cotton stems are a fun and rustic way to add autumn to your wall decor.

4. Add lots of textiles.

The air is getting cooler now, so the addition of plenty of cozy textiles is another quick and easy way to update your space. Simply selecting a few throw pillows and blankets (that go along with your selected color theme, of course) and placing them on couches, chairs and beds can really transform a space in a small period of time.

Maroon Abstract Floral Rug Under Table and Chairs

Ruggable Mum Floral Area Rug

Another way to add a dimension of cozy texture is through the placement of lush area rugs. Our gorgeous RUGGABLE floral area rug features those rich, fall colors we all love, as well as a beautiful mum pattern! Mums are one of the most popular fall flowers with which to decorate, so this rug makes perfect sense for the season.

5. Spruce up your mantel.

Last, but certainly not least, if you’re going to update your home this fall, decorating your mantel for the season is a must. When it comes to adorning your hearth, the options are endless. You’ll want to take your selected color palette into consideration and then select accessories that match your interior style.

Whitewashed Rustic Wall Clock on Wall

Whitewashed Rustic Farmhouse Clock

Adding a large farmhouse wall clock front-and-center is usually a great idea for creating a focal point. Candles of various heights help create dimension (and of course add some fall scents to the air). You’ll also want to add one or two accessories to go along with the season, such as a vase or item like our rusted metal leaf tabletop accessory!

 Metal Leaf and Wood Base Table Top Decor

Rusted Metal Leaf Tabletop Accessory

If you’ve had trouble creating decorative vignettes on tabletops or mantels before, check out our advice for effortlessly doing so here!

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