How to Pair Cheese and Wine Perfectly

How to Pair Cheese and Wine Perfectly

Although things look a little different for most of us this year, we can still take steps to make this a memorable Christmas season.
We’ve already covered how to host a socially distant gathering, so we’d thought we’d go over something a little more fun this time!

A lot of people are stumped by wine and food pairings. While the art of choosing great pairings comes down to experience and preference, there are some hard and fast couplings that most everyone can get behind.

Join us this week as we go over the best pairings for wine, as well as share a few tips on how to put together a great cheese board. So read on to get all the details.


1. Chardonnay + Camembert

Why it Works: Chardonnays are known for their rich and buttery flavor profile, sprinkled with subtle floral and crisp fruity notes. This medium-body wine pairs wonderfully with triple cream-style cheeses like Camembert and Brie because the two accentuates each other’s rich and creamy flavor. 


2. Moscato + Gorgonzola

Why it Works: Moscato’s fragrant and sweet flavor profile perfectly accentuates Gorgonzola’s distinct nutty texture. The two work together to create a decadent mouthfeel that neither overpowers nor throws you off.



3. Riesling + Havarti

Why it Works: Our personal favorite, this subtle German wine runs the gamut of sweet and dry. For more nuanced versions of this white wine, choose a semi-hard mild cheese to enhance the wine’s fruity notes without overpowering it.



4. Cabernet Sauvignon + Cheddar

Why it Works: This complex and bold wine requires a heavy hand in terms of paired flavors. For this reason, semi-firm cheddars tend to play well with it, owing to their complex mix of flavors and textures their perfect compatibility.



5. Syrah + Goat Gouda

Why it Works: Syrah (or Shiraz) is a rich and memorable red varietal that boasts berry-forward, often oaky flavors. Although this makes it difficult to pair with readily accessible cheeses, we find that a young goat milk gouda cheese brings all the best out of this pleasant wine.



6. Pinot Noir + Gruyere Comé

Why it Works: Pinot Noir is beloved for its spicy aromatics and fruity flavors. We paired this light-bodied wine with delicate Comté, known for its slightly firm texture and creamy, nutty profile.



7. Port + Parmigiano Reggiano

Why it Works: Not many people factor Parmesan into their cheese and wine pairings, and for good reason! This cheese has characteristically pungent flavors and smells that smack you right on the palette and tend to overpower the taste buds in large quantities. Paired with Port’s syrupy sweetness, however, the combo of salty and sweet hits just the right spots to round out any accomplished cheese board.


Those are all the wine and cheese pairings we have for you today. Whatever wine and cheese combos you go with this holiday season, one thing should remain consistent: keep your wine cabinets and shelves fully stocked and keep the good times rolling! Until next time!

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