Tips for Hosting the Perfect Socially Distant Thanksgiving Party

Tips for Hosting the Perfect Socially Distant Thanksgiving Party

We’re all used to being able to gather with our families and enjoying this day of grace with our loved ones. Because of the current state of the world, however, things are going to be looking a little different this holiday season.

We know it’s scary to navigate these uncertain times alone, which is why we wanted to extend a helping hand and some tips on how you can host the most successful socially distant Thanksgiving or holiday party. We’ve compiled some of our best tips in the hopes that you and your loved ones heed state and local guidelines and stay safe this holiday season. Read on for these amazing tips and for an exclusive discount code for 15% your total purchase at American Art Decor! 

1) Host an intimate dinner for whoever you live with

To keep our loved ones safe, many of us are having to go without a traditional holiday dinner. Instead of moping about, opt to hot a Thanksgiving dinner for those you’re currently sheltered in place with!

2) Let someone else do the cooking

2020 has been a stressful year for us all. Instead of worrying over getting the turkey just right, get some help from your favorite restaurants and chains.


3) Opt for a picnic

A great way to remain socially distanced AND spend the holidays with your family is by hosting a picnic together. There’s nothing cozier than blankets and baskets underneath the falling autumn leaves!



4) Skip the buffet spread

Who among us doesn’t love a good Thanksgiving spread? Keep everything as sanitary as possible by designating one or a few people to serve the food instead of letting everyone share their germs.


5) Dinner & Zoom

For those of us that still want to have that holiday meal experience with our family but have to remain sheltered in place, try having dinner over a Zoom or FaceTime call. Offer guidance or set things up for older family members and enjoy getting asked how work’s going once more! 


6) Enjoy the great outdoors

The CDC has defined outdoor meals with family as a medium-risk activity, not unlike shopping or going to the grocery store. Create a new tradition and enjoy dinner outdoors with your family, keeping things warm and cozy with hand-warmers, blankets, heaters, and even a bonfire. 

7) Make & drop off dinner to loved ones

Homecooked meals are a hallmark of the Thanksgiving season. To make sure no one feels left out, try dropping off dinner to your loved ones who sheltered in place this year.


8) Bake special treats

With so much extra time on our hands, many of us have turned to our kitchen as a place of comfort and entertainment. Take some time this Thanksgiving to try cooking a new dish or dessert. The internet is full of delectable recipes to choose from, we’ve even got a few here, so find one that speaks to you and fire up the stove!

9) Offer guests a sanitation station

If you’re planning to let guests into your home or yard, don’t forget to provide necessary sanitation products like sanitizer, wipes, soap, and water. 


10) Decorate your home together

If you haven’t already, decorating your home for fall or even Christmas is a wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving. Get your family in on the festivities by assigning different tasks to different members and put some music on for the ultimate cozy activity. 

11) Take some time for a few craft projects 

When was the last time that you made something with your kids? Look up some fun fall-themed crafts and indulge in some creativity and playtime with your loved ones.


12) Host a virtual talent show

Talent shows were once a cornerstone of middle school life. With everything going on in the world, however, some kids are missing out on the opportunity to strut their stuff. Entertain your friends and family by having everyone showcase their talents via video call.

13) Write letters to loved ones

Letters are a thoughtful way to let your friends and loved ones know that they’re on your mind. Whether you take the time to write out something long and memorable, or you simply send along a quick note, a handwritten letter expressing your gratitude for them is a great way to celebrate the spirit of the season.

14) Put on a show

Staging plays or little shows gives you and your family a goal to work towards as well as a creative outlet to express yourself. Begin a new Thanksgiving tradition by creating your own Broadway-worthy production and staging it for loved ones, the neighbors, or the world!


15) Watch sports or a movie together

If all else fails, spend the day binging your favorite show or movie, or even watching televised sports with your family. It may not be as fun as going out and experiencing a premier or in-person game, but nothing about this holiday season is remotely conventional. 

16) Go online shopping instead of hitting the stores

We all love the instant gratification of going instore, picking out an item, and bringing it home. Black Friday draws hordes of shoppers, which complicates things during a pandemic! Stay home and stay safe while still scoring the hottest deals of the season by doing all your shopping online. Sure, it’ll take a bit longer for your plunder to arrive, but it’s better than getting sick! Plus, with extras like coupon codes and other great deals, you're guaranteed to come away with a bigger steal without the stress of battling other shoppers.

However you decide to celebrate this holiday season, we at American Art Decor wish you a happy Thanksgiving! As promised, we're giving you 15% off your entire purchase, when you use the code AADS15 ! Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay grateful!

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