Product Preview: New Neon Wall Art!

Product Preview: New Neon Wall Art!

How many of you remember neon signs?

True neon is made by a reaction of compressed gases contained in a series of hand-crafted glass tubes. It shines with a unique glow in bright, eye-catching, shades and is nearly synonymous with a good time.

At the time of its invention neon was an easy and brilliant way to advertise one’s business and catch customers’ attention, though private individuals soon caught on, appropriating this impressive art form to showcase their style, talent, and personality.

The hot, brilliant, buzz of neon is irreplaceable.

Thanks to modern technology, however, you can get all of neon’s brightly-colored luminosity without the constant noise and heat spikes!

We’ve talked at length about our impressive range of LED-based neon signs, but this week we’d like to introduce you to the latest addition to our faux-neon family! 

Working closely with artists and designers, we developed a new capsule series of neon wall art. These works of art were photographed by our skilled photographers and enhanced to look like they’re truly glowing photos of neon signs. 

These neon wall decor prints each feature unique, bold and highly saturated neon-like signs printed on a dimensional wooden box and with an extra glossy, high-shine finish. These prints are just as good as flashing neon and LED lights—yet no plug is required!

Read on for all the deets on this exclusive collection and for a few expert styling tips on how to welcome neon wall art into your home.

Match the subject of your neon art with the vibe of your space

Paint, textiles, and design elements can only go so far for setting the tone for your space. Your decor, however, is there to bridge the gap: furnishings, knick-knacks, art, and other like items can work wonders for establishing the vibe of a room.

This might seem like an obvious tip but you should always strive to match your wall decor to the room you’re decorating for. The decor you choose for a room should always compliment your desired atmosphere. Otherwise, you run the risk of ruining your dream design with clashing elements.

Just imagine the room above and below with their canvas wall art swapped...ridiculous, right? Don’t make the same mistake. Play it safe and keep certain things about your decor obvious.

Pair with minimalist decor to inject even the simplest of rooms with a spark of personality

Minimalism’s emphasis on elegant design and minimizing one’s possessions creates enticing interiors that radiate a peaceful aura. This design style is often touted as perfect for those who crave a clean and uncluttered lifestyle.

One of minimalism’s #1 criticisms is its tendency to feel impersonal and aloof. Rooms with this interior design style can easily come across as stodgy if designers don’t take special care. 

One easy way to make rooms feel hospitable is by including lots of art. 

Here, we offset this minimalist bedroom with a framed inspirational quote and one of our new faux neon signs with a fun mantra. Not only does this add personality to the room, but our neon art print gives some welcome color.

Experiment with layers and unexpected pops of color

If you’ve embraced this year’s maximalist trend and you’re not sure neon would fit into your space, we’ve got some great news. 

Neon art adds a kitschy but unmistakably chic vibe to any space, especially when paired with eclectic decor as we’ve done in this elegant burgundy sitting room. 

The abundant layering within this space adds visual interest, creating little vignettes for your eye to focus on. To continue on this theme, we added two neon canvases and offset them to mirror the staggered placing on the shelves. 

To mirror the look of this space in your home: experiment with the placement of your items, playing with staggering them in front of one another. Pay particular attention to the height of your items and try to create a flow between their placement in relation to one another. Do the same for any wall art or decor, taking care to plan your layout extensively with a bit of painter’s tape and scrap paper before you commit any nails to your walls.  

What do you think? Are you willing to give this new take on neon a try? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

If this isn’t quite your thing, not to worry. We have tons of products coming soon, and so many to choose from already. We’ll be rolling new products out within the next few months, so be sure you subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing.

Until next time!


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