Home Decor Trends of 2020

Everyone is itching to make big changes in their life, and the same can be said of the design and fashion worlds as they begin to push for new and exciting silhouettes to compensate for the year prior. 

The early trends of 2020 promise a decade full of brilliant color, interesting shapes, and a turn from the bland uniformity of the last decade. 

Some of you may find yourselves overwhelmed with all the choices

With so many new trends popping up seemingly overnight, it can be hard to decide which ones fit best into your home and lifestyle. 

That’s why we’ve returned this week to cover the style and trends that’ll lead us into the next decade. We’ll show you how to make the most of these trends and how to work them into your space seamlessly.


2020 home decor trends, maximalism

We touched briefly on maximalism last week, but there’s so much more to this trend than just being extravagant and flamboyant. 

Maximalism encourages the mixing of shapes, patterns, colors, and texture into a single space. Rooms decorated in this style tend to be inspired by classic interior design reminiscent of the grand estates of the old aristocracy. 

Designers who have this trend in mind will naturally gravitate towards bold and brilliant colors and will tend to punctuate their designs with luxurious touches for a sophisticated finish. 

We realize that, of all the trends coming out this year, maximalism is the easiest to get overwhelmed with. In light of that, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you work this trend into your existing decor and make maximalism more accessible:

  • Stick to 3-4 colors in a room: While you certainly can go all out with color, it’s all too easy to go from cozy and palatial to tacky and cluttered. 
  • Play with scale: Experiment with oversized pieces or miniature ones and mix up the sizes and levels of every piece you bring in. Not only does it draw the eye, creating the illusion of space, but it adds interest and makes your room all the more engaging.
  • Texture and pattern: Mix different textures and patterns, keeping an eye out for places where you can contrast different pieces.


unique wall mirror, teardrop mirror

Camp has eluded a static definition for decades. The closest anyone has come to pinning down “camp” as a concept was writer and philosopher, Susan Sontag in her 1964 essay, “Notes on Camp”. In her essay, Sontag defines camp as a “love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration”, and even that poignant and brief explanation isn’t quite adequate. 

Camp designs are whimsical and left of center, erring on kitschy and are, at times, even a little bit tacky. 

The rules of camp are, essentially, that there are no rules. 

Trying to pare camp down to a few concepts and ideas is counterintuitive because doing so betrays the freedom of this aesthetic. 

If you’re aiming for this trend, look for pieces that are a little quirky, theatrical, bold, fun, witty, graphic, poppy, colorful, or all of the above.


Wanderlust is a welcome update on the eclectic and boho aesthetics and mixes principles and color palettes between these two, more traditional, design styles. 

Inspired by travel and diverse silhouettes, the goal of the wanderlust design aesthetic is to create an experience as well as a personal narrative, a kind of resume of the places you’ve been, or hope to go. 

Embracing this trend will be a breeze for those of you with a whimsical style philosophy. Begin by giving your curios a place of prominence in your home, giving yourself and your visitors a chance to appreciate them. Next, you’ll want to populate your space with typographic elements like globes, maps, images of destinations, signage, etc., to go along with all these earthly delights.

Noteworthy Hues

One thing is certain: the days of austere white walls and boxy furniture are over and done with, with experts are noting a sudden renaissance of color in all aspects of decor. 

Other than last week’s Classic Blue, shades of pink, lavender, mint, emerald, burnt orange, and plum are all enjoying their own revivals in the new decade.


These new trends have lots of potential for helping you feel like your house is a bonafide home. They’re all about having fun designing your space and enjoying the process of curating your rooms to just the way you like them. 

Ultimately, we think that your space, and the things within, should spark joy. 

While not everything that you bring into your home has to have a “purpose”, it’s generally a rule of thumb that it should at least make you happy in some way. 

We hope that this style run-down has inspired you to redecorate your space and that you give something new a try this season. 

Until next time!



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