Short Term Rental Host Perks

If you are an Airbnb/Vrbo/Evolve short-term rental host, we have something special in store for you!
We understand the unique resilient design needs and desires of hosts like you and want to ensure you have access to the finest products that elevate your property to the next level.

Exclusive Discounts

You will enjoy exclusive discounts on our entire range of products, which includes My Magic Carpet washable rugs, Fine Art Canvas prints, and American Art Decor's trending home accents.

My My Magic Carpet offers a wide selection of stain-resistant, machine-washable rugs in various sizes, patterns, and colors to fit any home. These attractive rugs add style and comfort underfoot while being easy to clean.

Fine Art Canvas' massive collection of prints gives you plenty of options to turn a lackluster room into a design haven.

We also carry American Art Decor's well-curated home accessories like our newly launched coastal, minimalist, and man cave collections. With this wide selection of premium products, you can enhance your property's ambiance and create a memorable stay for your guests while keeping within your budget. Let us help you design an Instagram-worthy space!


Access to Curated Editions

We curate seasonal collections specifically for property hosts, featuring stunning home decor and artistic works based on current trends that will leave an impression on your guests. Our team of stylists and designers carefully select pieces for each collection that align with the most popular interior design aesthetics for short-term rentals.

You'll have access to thoughtfully curated furnishings, wall art, washable rugs, mirrors, and accessories that evoke a sense of warmth and welcome in any home. We release new collections frequently to keep up with the latest trends and styles. From cozy farmhouse chic to sleek minimalist pieces, our curated home decor helps hosts create an elevated yet comfortable environment for your rental property.

With unique decorative touches and artistic flourishes, guests will feel like they are staying in a boutique hotel instead of a home rental. Our collections take the guesswork out of styling a property while providing quality decor that immerses guests into the look and feel you want to achieve.

Early Access to New Products

As part of our rental host program, you'll receive early access to our curated home decor collections before anyone else. When each new collection debuts, rental hosts get a first look at the entire assortment of products and can shop the collections before the general public exclusively. You'll have the opportunity to browse from hand-picked furnishings, including artwork, decorative storage, accessories, and more, while inventory is at its peak.

Our team spends months pulling together finely crafted items aligned with upcoming looks so hosts can decorate their spaces around a cohesive theme and create a stylish aesthetic for guests. By having first dibs on our decor, you can refresh your rental property with of-the-moment pieces before styles become mainstream. You can take advantage of this VIP access whenever we launch a new seasonal collection. Stay ahead of the trends and give your short-term rental an edge by exclusively shopping our curated home decor assortments before anyone else.


Join Our NEW Short-Term Rental Host Community!

To take advantage of these exclusive benefits, simply provide your SMS contact information below. By joining our community of esteemed rental hosts, you'll receive regular updates, special offers, and early access to our newest collections as well as subtantial savings on other premium home decor products.