Why We Love Farmhouse Decor

Why We Love Farmhouse Decor

Why do we love modern farmhouse decor so much? We'll tell you!

We created this blog because we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about farmhouse style. We've developed a real love for all its unique qualities. After all, we've chosen to design farmhouse decor! We’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along our way, and we decided that a blog is the perfect way to share them with you. We’ll be posting about farmhouse decorating ideas, DIY projects, style trends and more in the weeks to come. We’ve already gotten started—you can check out 5 Quick Ways to Transition to Farmhouse Decor here.

But before we get too much further into how you can incorporate farmhouse decor into your life, it's good to spend a little time considering why. What is it about this approach to interior design that has caught so much attention?

Connection to history

Farmhouse decor is a timeless aesthetic because it's connected to history. Natural materials and their neutral color palettes have been in our homes since we started building them. It never really went away.

Plastic and jewel tones and flat-screen TVs can all be fantastic in the right time and place, but they feel and look very much of their era. Trends come and go, but rough-hewn wood and simple metals have been with us for a very long time. Technologies and economies are constantly changing, but a way of life that is in close relationship to the land has always been part of the human story.

Simple comforts

In the hustle and bustle of today, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed. Your home should be a place of rest and relaxation, where you can recharge and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Modern farmhouse style makes this a priority. Cozy fabrics, inspirational art, and welcoming materials make it easy to unwind. Modern amenities and just a hint of minimalism keep these vintage inspired spaces clean and uncluttered.

After a long day out in a hectic world of sensory overload, it’s revitalizing to sink into a comfortable couch surrounded by soothing beauty. If the design of your home encourages you to slow down and count your blessings, you’ll find yourself with greater calm, gratitude, and happiness.

Practical and personal

So much time and effort gets put into hiding all the signs of wear and tear in our home goods, but that’s what gives them character! The things you own are meant to be used and appreciated, not kept sealed away. Prints fade. Paint chips. A well-loved object is a unique object, because it has a history that shows. We love farmhouse décor because it embraces a lived-in style through a nostalgic, weathered aesthetic.

Life in a working farmhouse is practically-minded, and you don’t need to have a flock of sheep to see the appeal. Why pretend that vintage dining room table has never been used? The personality that comes with age gives a unique look to everything, and distressed materials have greater visual interest and texture.

We love the way it looks!

At the heart of any decor style is exactly that: style. We think farmhouse décor is beautiful, and just love looking into a well-styled room. And surrounding yourself with beauty improves your mood and quality of life. It’s inspiring! If you agree, we hope you keep an eye on this blog as we go forward. We are so excited to share what we've been working on!

What drew you to farmhouse decor? Why do you think it works so well? Give us your thoughts in the comments.


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