What is Modern Farmhouse?

What is Modern Farmhouse?

If you watch home improvement shows, spend time in home goods stores, or simply scroll through your Pinterest feed, it’s likely you’ll come across one big trend in particular: modern farmhouse style.

Most people have a fairly solid understanding of what farmhouse style is – it’s rustic, nostalgic, worn-in, and inspired by the rural Americana lifestyle of days gone by. But if the farmhouse style is meant to be modeled after the “good-ole-days,” what exactly is the modern farmhouse style all about?

In a nutshell, the modern farmhouse is all about executing an antique-inspired, rustic aesthetic in a very polished way. You’ll commonly see a combination of old and new elements within these homes, along with hints of industrialism and, at times, minimalism. While always gorgeous in any sized home, these streamlined features make modern farmhouse style ideal for smaller spaces like apartments, townhomes, condos, and even studio apartments.

Confused yet? Allow us to clarify a bit further.

Modern Farmhouse Basics

As with any other home interior style, there are a few basic hallmarks of the modern farmhouse style that are important to incorporate in order to really pull it off well. While incorporating each and every item on our list isn’t crucial, you’ll want to make sure you check most of these features of the list:

Neutral Color Palette

First things first: as with any style of farmhouse (with, perhaps, the exception of bohemian farmhouse) you have to get your home’s color palette toned down to neutrals. Colors like white, black, gray, and cream should make up the vast majority the modern farmhouse. Any other pops of color are typically reserved for soft turquoise, pastel green, hunter green, and dark blue.

Reclaimed Wood

Another staple no matter the style of farmhouse? Reclaimed wood. Whether you incorporate it in your flooring, by finding some reclaimed shiplap for your walls, or even by taking a few simple boards and creating a small set of open shelves, the reclaimed wood will help to imbue your modern farmhouse with the rustic edge it needs to qualify as a... well, farmhouse.

Sleek Marble and Tile

When taking your kitchen and bathrooms into consideration, countertops, tile flooring, and tile backsplashes should be comprised of new and sleek materials. We also recommend that your sinks and tubs also be new. New marble and tile helps provide the modern farmhouse with the clean lines and shiny glean it needs to qualify as... well, modern.

Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting is another feature of the modern farmhouse that’s almost an absolute requirement. Using industrial lighting (especially fixtures with exposed Edison bulbs) help give the space a sense of age and rawness. There’s nothing quite like the shine that comes as a result of placing a great hanging light fixture over one of those pretty marble countertops!

Exposed Pipe Furniture

Another common industrial element of the modern farmhouse is exposed pipe furniture. You’ll often find exposed pipe shelving, consoles, and even cabinetry in these homes. Similarly to new tile and countertops, exposed pipe furniture helps provide the space with those straight, clean lines necessary for highlighting the “modern” aspect of this style.

Modern Seating

Whether it’s the dining chairs around your distressed wood dining table, a simple occasional chair used for your rustic office desk, or even a bench that sits at the foot of your bed, more often than not, the vast majority of the seating you’ll find in the modern farmhouse will be contemporary. Because a basic hallmark of this style is mixing the rustic with the chic, modern-style chairs are ideal for juxtaposing against worn furniture.

Graphic Art and Signage

As with pretty much all farmhouse styles, graphic art and signage is an absolute must in a modern farmhouse. There are two caveats, though. First, make sure that you don’t overdo it. Select one eye-catching piece per wall or, if you decide to design a gallery wall, ensure the wall hangings are well-balanced and placed symmetrically (remember: clean lines!). Second, the wall decor that you do choose should be simple. Steer clear from anything too busy or too colorful.

Looking for Modern Farmhouse Decor?

We’re proud to offer modern farmhouse decor designed for the discerning homeowner. Whether you’ve got farmhouse fever or simply like decor with a rustic touch, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

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