For Your Next Road Trip, Choose a My Magic Carpet Non-Slip Washable RV Rug and Travel In Style

For Your Next Road Trip, Choose a My Magic Carpet Non-Slip Washable RV Rug and Travel In Style

My Magic Carpet RV Friendly Rugs

Tired of traveling with RUGS that are prone to dirt and deterioration? Need a RUG that is easy to clean for your home away from home? The hassle-free My Magic Carpet non-slip one-piece washable rug system is changing the way RV owners decorate!

Want to add some pizzazz to your RV but don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of high-maintenance decor? Designed to improve your standard of road travel through a patented technology that is both nonslip and washable.

With a My Magic Carpet One-Piece Washable Rug, You’ll Enjoy

  • The comfort of a cozy, cushioned, non-slip bottom
  • The convenience of it being machine-washable
  • The versatility of a rug that performs well indoors and outdoors
  • The ease that comes with selecting a rug that’s water-repellent and stain-repellent
  • The satisfaction that comes with choosing an eco-friendly and sustainable product

My Magic Carpet Washable Pet Friendly Rug


Let Fido join you in on this summer’s road trip! With My Magic Carpet’s machine washable and stain resistant design, it can handle the daily wear and tear of puppy paws and feline feet. There’s no need to leave your favorite furry friend behind while you embark on a summer adventure. My Magic Carpet allows for easy clean up of unfortunate accidents and unpleasant odor. Simply separate, wash and reapply!

How does the one-piece washable system work?

  • Machine wash the My Magic Carpet rug in cold water, then dry under medium heat in any conventional washer and dryer.
  • Spot clean the My Magic Carpet rug as needed.

See our video on the benefits and features of My Magic Carpet


Ready to hit the road with a MY MAGIC CARPET RV Rug?

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