Top Trends in Industrial Style Lighting

Top Trends in Industrial Style Lighting

Are you aware of the importance of interior lighting design when it comes to home decor?

If not, don’t worry, we got you covered.

For many, deciding on lighting treatments for one’s home is often an afterthought.

We believe it is just as important as choosing the right paint swatches, the art you hang up, and the multitude of other detailed decisions you make in designing and decorating your home.

Lighting decor is an equal part of the decorating and designing equation for a variety of reasons.

Not only is it functional in the obvious way in that it brightens up a room, but it has the power to provide so much more.

Lighting creates ambiance, evokes a mood, and sets a tone for a room or home. It can be dim and dramatic, bright and powerful, elegant and chic, and everything in between.

A cozy bedroom with a brick wall, string lighting, a bed and a large plant.

Interior lighting design and decor may seem like a daunting task when it comes to finding the right pieces for your home or living space. So that’s why we wanted to begin a series that delves into new and exciting lighting trends for 2019 to make the process a little easier.

In the first of a five part series, we will be focusing on five lighting trends that will be or already have begun to surface throughout the year.

To begin our mini case study, we went to one of the powerhouse purveyors of light, Technical Consumer Products (TCP), to check out their article entitled “The Most Popular 2019 Home Lighting Trends”.

We wanted to get a glimpse into some of the trending patterns in the world of lighting decor.

They came up with five lighting trends for 2019 and we’ll be breaking each one down throughout the year…so remember to check back in with us on the other trends!

To start off, let’s begin with a definition of the term “Industrial” as it pertains to the design style and its use in home decor.

What is Industrial design?

When we think of the term industrial, our natural connections link the term with manufacturing and industry, which is right on the money.

Industrial style design is influenced by the environments in which manufacturing and production exists. So think factories, warehouses, cities of industry and anywhere else raw materials are used with the intent for manufacturing and mass production purposes.

Heavy machinery, along with its parts, tools, nuts and bolts, cogs and wheels, and a large emphasis on building materials such as metal and concrete, all mix into this concept and style of design.

Now with that said, Industrial style, as a design choice, is also viewed and often critiqued as an intense option.

It’s often perceived as a style that is full of cold, unfeeling and sterile design attributes. Granted, the style is definitely not for everyone but we find ourselves drawn to it because of its simplicity, raw appeal, and attention to structure.

Structure, functionality, and space are actually at the core of Industrial style. The movement celebrates engineering by embracing shape, structure, as well the nature and use of raw materials.

The Industrial style puts it all out on display and leaves very little to the imagination as the bare bones of buildings and structures are encouraged to be exposed and enjoyed in their natural form.

Another distinguishing feature of Industrial style design is its propensity for a more open and airy use of space. This is a direct correlation to the buildings in which industrial production and manufacturing occur.

Think about it; the spaces in which we are referencing are often HUGE manufacturing buildings with open floor plans that have minimal columns, walls, or other barriers, thus leaving large amounts of uninterrupted floor space.

These concepts of openness, space, and the use of raw materials are such distinguishing characteristics of Industrial style design that are readily seen in all avenues of home decor, especially lighting design.


Now that we have more of an understanding of the Industrial style as it refers to interior design, we can delve into its relationship with and discuss one of this year’s trends in lighting design and decor: Industrial Style Lighting.

When it comes to Industrial lighting, incorporating the characteristics of structure, space, raw materials and functionality into one’s design and decorating process is paramount in creating and adhering to the simplicity and minimalism quality of the style.

Choosing fixtures, table lamps, or pendant style lamps that reflect these qualities and showcase their durability, strength and permanence is an effective way to achieve a modern industrial lighting treatment for one’s home, office, or restaurant decor needs.

Take the following suggestions into consideration and let them shed some light on the subject as you think about decorating your living space with fun, functional, and beautiful lighting treatments.


At American Art Decor we are so pleased to bring you our collection of Industrial style lighting treatments that we think you’ll really love. We know we do!

Industrial Pendant Lighting

To start off we wanted to showcase one of our all time favorites.

This beautiful, simple, and stylish black industrial pendant light offers an open and airy caged metal framework design that creates a sense of spaciousness and breathing room. Plus, the crosshatch metalwork clearly embodies characteristics of industrial style lighting by showcasing the use of raw materials presented in an exposed, bare bones kind of way.

In addition, this caged metal pendant light fixture offers another unique attribute in its design: the visibility of its bulb. Such a wonderful design choice, this feature is also truly exemplary of this particular style of design as it highlights all the parts of this light and leaves nothing hidden.

It also adds a bit of a vintage and retro touch to the fixture as it incorporates an Edison style incandescent bulb to the piece; again, reinforcing the concept of having all components visibly represented and on display.

A gorgeous and modern Industrial light that can live in a variety of spaces, either as a single hanging pendant or as set of three over your home bar or kitchen island, we visualize this captivating piece in spacious settings that are equally compelling and curated to give this piece premiere exposure and prominent attention.

Another favorite of ours is this Industrial Metal Pendant Light.

Now we won’t go into too much detail about this one as it retains many of the same characteristics of the previous pendant light we just discussed, but we did want to give it an honorable mention and shout-out as the two are very similar in their attributes with minor differences that set them apart.

This piece still offers the quintessential elements of Industrial design with the exception that this particular pendant light has a fine-mesh metal shade that is intrinsically industrial and equally attractive. It’s got that raw, rough and tumble look with its unilateral use of metal and detailed rivets running along the top and bottom of the shade.

A truly industrious and chic piece of modern lighting design.

Industrial Table Lamps

At first glance these may not initially stand out to you as Industrial style table lamps, but their structure, shape, and use of space within the construction of their bases make them an exceptional addition to our family of Industrial lighting.

Again, promoting a more open and airy feeling within its base, these lamps cling to a traditional style of Industrial design but with a slightly contemporary twist.

Paired with a canvas drum shade that contrasts against the geometric metal exoskeleton of the base, this element softens the overall aesthetic of these table lamps and propels them into a more contemporary fashion.

Not only are these lamps catchy and fun, with their use of geometry and space, but they make for unique table lamps for your home and lighting decor needs as they also offer a sophisticated sense of structure, form, and attention to design and quality detail.

It’s a total win-win!

Industrial Floor Lamps

The last type of Industrial style lighting we’d like to discuss is floor lamps.

You might not expect these types of lamps to embody the Industrial style, but you’d be surprised how suitable they actually are for this particular type of lighting.

Industrial floor lamps often feature strong, sturdy metal throughout their design while also maintaining a weighted and secure base to ensure stability. Plus, these lamps showcase characteristics of Industrial style lighting as they offer simplicity in structure and form, and utilize raw materials in a fashionable way.

At American Art Decor we carry two Industrial floor lamps that truly reflect this style and make for sleek and sophisticated light options within your home, living space, studio, or office.


Our personal favorite is our speckled metal industrial floor lamp that comes with a rotating head that offers versatility and flexibility. The structure and design of this particular style of lamp lends itself to linear design that complements the piece and is enhanced by its surroundings.

Made from dark brown metal with a speckled design that gives this piece extra style and class, we envision this Industrial floor lamp in a spacious loft-style apartment with high ceilings, exposed brick walls, wood or metal beams and extra large windows. It’s perfect for adding a bit of an edgier aesthetic to a room as this simple and modern floor lamp embodies the industrial qualities and characteristics to make it stand out.


So there you have it, a detailed analysis of just one of the five new lighting trends for 2019!

We hope you found this blog useful and can start incorporating this style into your home, office, or wherever you are introducing innovative and interesting lighting.

Make sure to check back periodically as we review the other four trends in lighting design later this year!

We’d also love to hear what you think about this lighting trend and if you’ve already started to incorporate this design style into your home, we’d love to see.

Please comment below and include photos! We’re visual learners! 


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