Our Top Picks for Farmhouse Accessories

Our Top Picks for Farmhouse Accessories

If there’s one Farmhouse style essential, it’s the home accessory. Whether you prefer modern farmhouse or rustic farmhouse, filling your home with lots of unique accessories is par for the course.

With that said, there are a million options from which to choose, but we’ve decided to make life a little easier for you. Here are our current top picks for farmhouse accessories:

Orb Dyson Sphere Figurine

Orb Dyson Sphere Figurine

No matter which decorative style you lean toward, it’s important to remember that not all of your home accessories can be front-and-center. You need to make sure you’re implementing pieces in a variety of sizes into your decor. This will ensure your vignettes, shelving arrangements, and tabletop setups have dimension and texture.

The Orb Dyson Sphere Figurine is a great accessory to act as a support piece to a more dramatic accent piece. Use it as part of your mantel decor, a tabletop centerpiece, or on a shelf that needs balance. Its neutral color and natural-style material are also a great addition to any farmhouse room.

Rustic Metal Van Truck

rustic metal van truck

Have you noticed a recent uptick in these cute little vintage cars? They’ve been showing up in farmhouse decor and pretty much all rustic decor styles within the past several months. They’re perfect for farmhouse homes because they evoke nostalgia and typically come in metal and tin materials that are commonly seen in that style.

This Rustic Metal Van Truck is a great item for an end table, a shelf arrangement, or even in the kids’ playroom. It’s fun, lighthearted, and oh-so-adorable.

Turquoise Medallion Sculpture

Turquoise and aqua are incredibly popular in both coastal and farmhouse decor styles. This color allows people with a preference for neutral palettes to infuse a pop of color into their decor without going terribly overboard.

This Turquoise Medallion Sculpture is another great home accessory for farmhouse style homes. Its height allows it to serve as a focal point to any vignette, but its gentle hue will ensure it remains solidly within your neutral style.

Metal Star Figurine

Metal Star Figurine

Metal and wire figurines are wildly popular in modern farmhouse and contemporary homes. They lend themselves well to both decor styles because they tend to be rather sleek (great for contemporary) but the metal adds a more natural element (great for modern farmhouse).

This Metal Star Figurine is a simple, sleek, and elegant home accessory. It’s a rare piece that looks fabulous as a part of a grouping of items and placed alone. It’s also a great office accessory.

Looking for trendy farmhouse accessories?

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