Wood cabinet with a lamp, clock on it and wall medallion hanging above the cabinet.

These are the Best Places to Hang Wall Medallions

When it comes to reinventing your space, it's always fun and exciting to hit the shops, in person or online, searching for treasures like ornate rugs from far away lands, new or new to you furnishings, and unique wall decor ideas for your living room, hallway, bedroom, or entryway.

Adding mirrors, paintings, treasured photos, or vertical shelving to your space is a great way to personalize your decor mix and give it a much-needed style bump. Incorporating classic vintage-inspired pieces like textured carved wood medallion wall art can transform a room with a hint of drama.

Medallions started as ceiling medallion embellishments used to encircle and highlight pendant light fixtures as far back as the 1700s. But after many iterations, fabrications, and facelifts, this ceiling adornment found its new place in homes on the wall. But what are some of the best places to hang this historic decor?

Pops of Color and Layers of Texture

Room with white brick walls, light wood wall shelf, bright blue high back chair, blue carved wall medallion above mantel.

Hand-Carved Latticework Square Wood Wall Medallion

Ask yourself, could this room use more color or texture? And ultimately, what do you want to get out of this specific space? Choosing the perfect wall medallion for a room isn't much different from selecting a floating shelf or a striking piece of art.

In this post-pandemic landscape, people have regained an appreciation for bright hues, cozy textures, and the need for comfort with the overlapping of old and new. Carved wood medallions painted in rich tones pair nicely with maximalist design techniques like creating a mixed media gallery. Mix and match wall medallions with hanging plants, typographic prints, or vintage paintings.

On the flip side, plenty of people still play by the hard and fast rule of less is more. White or neutral interiors sparsely and adorned with walls with little texture are minimalism's hallmark. When added to a minimally furnished space, a carved floral or arabesque medallion tips the scales to give a minimally furnished room just the right balance.

Undefined spaces like vast hallways or entryways offer a lot of empty space that deserve more attention than they receive.


White hallway with a wood table, flowers, dolls, a plant on the floor and a carved wood green medallion

 Floral Arabesque Wall Medallion

Hallways can, at times, be the forgotten zone of the house. We occasionally make half-hearted attempts to do something with the blankness by adding a few family photos here and there. Still, the end display, at best, is random and uninteresting.

Breathe life into your hallow hallways by clustering beloved photographic memories around a larger textured focal point like a square-shaped medallion for a well-curated assortment of artistic mediums.

Compliment less prominent pieces of furniture with wall medallions to make the best use of blank space.  

Above an Accent Cabinet

Mauve colored room with an antique wood accent cabinet with flowers and picture frames with a carved wood grey medallion hanging above.
Floral Wall Medallion Home Decor 

The unassuming accent cabinet, many furnished with decorative doors and a few shelves, lends itself to styling and storage options. Overlooked nooks, like living room or dining room corners, entryways, and en-suite bedroom dressing rooms, come to mind as excellent places to introduce an accent cabinet. But, how can we make use of the space around the cabinet?

When hanging a lovely wall medallion in a blank area around a small cabinet, you'll want to stay within the 57"  height rule used by interior designers. After all, you want observers to comfortably appreciate the decor details at eye level creating a uniform look.

Using a smaller to medium-sized medallion, no matter the shape, will captivate an audience without overwhelming the accent piece.

Rustic Farmhouse

Farmhouse room with stone walls and a carved wood medallion in blue next to a window.
Floral Motif Wood Wall Accent Medallion

Stone, brick, or wood-paneled walls of a traditional farmhouse provide a natural rustic texture, elements sought out by design enthusiasts searching for authenticity. After meeting the basics, transitioning a house to a home demands the implementation of items that add warmth and personal touches.

Layer wood and stone or wood on wood or brick for a heavily textured approach when designing a country or bohemian style space. Designate a focal point by hanging a large medallion above furniture with a low center of gravity or simply by itself.

These elegant design essentials with a long history come in an abundance of colors, shapes, and sizes, so achieving a fantastic versatile look is never out of arm's reach.


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