Stylish Dorm Room Essentials

Stylish Dorm Room Essentials

Do you have a teenager preparing to embark on their exciting college adventure? When our kids head off to college, it can be such a thrilling experience, but it can also be a tad fraught with uncertainties.

Will she quickly make friends?

Will she enjoy her first semester’s classes?

Will she adjust to dorm life ok?

We’re certainly not life coaches, but we do know about one thing – home decor! With all the new adjustments your new college man or woman will be experiencing, it’s important to create a cozy, homey atmosphere for them in their new dorm room. Your student will be spending a great deal of time in their dorm studying, relaxing, and recharging, so they need a space in which they actually want to spend their time.

With that said, we have some stylish, rustic, feel-good home decor suggestions that will help get that job done. From practical to merely decorative, here are six dorm room essentials for your new high school grad.

Farmhouse Writing Computer Desk

1. Rustic Writing & Computer Desk

It goes without saying that college students need a place to sit and study. Of course, a diligent student will be spending plenty of time in the library, but a great deal of studying takes place in the dorm room itself.

Of course, dorm rooms are also rather small, so any furniture added to the space will need to be compact. That’s why this small computer desk is perfect for any college student! It’s mini, it’s stylish, and it’s just the thing for a laptop and some notebooks.

Whitewash Hanging Cabinet with Hooks

2. Compact Hanging Storage Cabinet

With such a small space to be working with, it’s also important to add any extra storage space wherever you can get it. That’s why many dorm room beds include pull-out drawers beneath them. Still, added storage space for towels, toiletries, or cosmetics will be extremely helpful.

This rustic and compact hanging storage cabinet is a great option for college dorm residents. Plus, since it’s likely your student will be sharing their dorm room with another student, it will allow them to have a small space for private items, including medications. Additionally, the hooks will ensure their towels are never mixed in with their roommate’s.

Metal Framed Mirror with Wood Trim

3. A Wall Mirror

Depending on the age of the building in which your student’s dorm is situated, their room may or may not include a wall mirror. Obviously, everyone can use a mirror around for primping and grooming. But even if their dorm room already includes a mirror, adding another wall mirror to the space will help it feel lighter and larger – a must in any tight quarters.

This rustic wall mirror is a great option for a dorm. Its contemporary color palette ensures it’s on-trend, and the practicality of having a mirror in a small space is something that can’t be denied.

Wooden Stool

4. Small End Table

If your student has a dorm room that’s a little more on the spacious side, a small end table is always a useful item to have next to a comfy chair or at their bedside. End tables help add a little homey charm to a space, allowing items like flower vases, alarm clocks, or decorative accessories to decorate the room.

This small end table is simple and chic enough for a young person’s dorm room. Its neutral wood tone allows it to meld seamlessly with any decor style, and of course, it adds a little more room for your student to infuse some personality into their new home.

Metal and Wood Framed 3 Picture Wall Holder

5. Hanging Photo Frame

One of the biggest challenges of the freshman first semester is overcoming homesickness. If your student is pretty attached to your family, it can be tough to be away for the first time. One simple way to help ease that emotional burden is by adding some family photos to their dorm room.

Of course, with limited room, photo frames that take up valuable desk space may not be the best option. Instead, opt for a hanging photo frame you can mount on a wall. That way, they can still have their treasured photos nearby without losing any storage space in their room.

Decorative Table Top Metal Test Tube Holder

6. Decorative Accessories

Another way to combat homesickness when starting college is by simply making your living space your own. Allow your student to select decor that truly reflects their style and personality. This way, their dorm room will transform from being four plain walls intp a haven they’ll actually want to come home to after a long day in classes.

Industrial chic is an interior style commonly preferred by young people, and this decorative beaker is a great option, especially for science majors! Whether they simply place it on a shelf or use it as a flower vase, this is a fun and unique item anyone will love. It’s also great for placing “air plants,” a type of succulent plant that doesn’t require dirt or water.

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