Our favorite home decor products from American Art Decor

As the holidays are on our heels and you’re running around finishing up the last of your holiday shopping, we wanted to offer you a bit of a pause this week. 

Amidst the flurry of work, holiday parties, shopping, and the rest of the million things you have to get done before extended family descends onto your home, we here at American Art Decor wanted to take a moment and introduce ourselves to you.

We’ve been in the home decor game now for a bit and we wanted to give you a little insight into who we are.

As members of the ever-expanding e-commerce division at American Art Decor, we are an eclectic and diverse team with varying tastes, styles, and backgrounds. In fact, we are just as diverse as our products!

We all work together to try and make this a fine-oiled machine that runs smoothly. Take one essential cog out of the machine and we suffer. It really is a team effort!

For this week’s blog, we wanted to get a little personal. Well, maybe not that personal but we wanted to let you all know some of our own favorite products from American Art Decor. 

As we have worked tirelessly to bring you beautiful products for your home, these are our staff picks and our reasons why. 

So without further ado, let’s meet the team!

Alejandra T. (Data Feed Specialist )

I love this jewelry cabinet. It’s extremely efficient. I have too many jewelry items and this cabinet helps me to organize everything. The size is perfect for my room and the colors match my style.

Alexa Q. (Ecommerce Operations Specialist)

I always love an oversized wall clock for the perfect centerpiece in my living room. This wall clock, in particular, fits into various different decor styles, from modern, industrial, farmhouse/country, and contemporary; and its abstract/geometrical design is what captures my attention the most. I have fun with dressing my home up in different styles, and this clock would fit in perfectly for all. 

Alexandra C. (Graphic Designer/Photographer)

As I am a big fan of all kinds of jewelry, my pick was pretty obvious. It was love at first sight. Having all of your jewelry and accessories in one beautiful place, nicely organized, isn't it a dream? I also like its simple and clear design which would match almost any interior.

Ashley M. (Content and Blog Writer)

I’ve been a huge fan of design and aesthetics my entire life, and I go back and forth through phases of minimalism and maximalism with every season. For the most part, I like very loud statement pieces, but I’m a huge sucker for elegant design, which is why I was immediately drawn to this piece. It’s simple, timeless, and super versatile, making it a great choice for almost everyone’s room decor.

As one of the writers of Art + Decor, my job is to dream up fun and helpful blog posts for all of our customers and to stay on top of the latest design and decor trends. Between blog posts and in my free time, I like to listen to podcasts and read (I’ve read 23 books this year alone, and my goal is to make it to 30 by the end of the year–wish me luck!).

David V. (Ecommerce Manager )

I recently remodeled my home with a farmhouse/industrial theme and this lamp would look great in it.

Erika C. (Order Processing Specialist)

I love the aesthetics of a nice wine rack.  

Harpal S. (Content Manager)

I’m a huge fan of lighting. I love natural light, table lamps, task lamps, pendant “swag style” lights and I despise overhead and fluorescent lights. I’m particularly drawn to this metal cage pendant lamp because I love its open design. I also love the use of raw materials in a simple yet effective way.

When I’m not writing descriptions and overseeing content for American Art Decor, you can find me dancing at my favorite dance studio in Silver Lake, hiking in the hills, roller-skating, or creating one-of-a-kind stained glass pieces of art. Carpe Diem!

Ioannis X. (Graphic Designer)

I have always admired Duy Huynh’s art style. Naturally, I gravitated towards his work as my pick. My favorite of his pieces is “Suspension of Disbelief”. I really appreciate the balance of the muted color palette of yellows, reds, and greens. What I revere the most about this piece is the imagination and sacrifice of realism for the sake of enjoyment.

Neftali R. (Graphic Designer)

Simple, modern, elegant.

Sandy M. (Ecommerce Analyst)

This product is great for all-around entertainment or just for portable storage and/or sleek shelf design. 

I love the contrasting materials, black metal and natural wood design, the metal allows for an industrial look while the wood allows warmth, along with its sliding barn door feature it adds to the overall cyberpunk design. 

You can rock and roll it to any room in your space. 

Spencer S.  (Video Producer)

I love the intricate, symmetrical design of this piece. After viewing it long enough it starts to play tricks on my eyes. I love to travel, and the distressed silver piece mounted on the smooth black metal seems as though this was a mysterious long-lost treasure that has been mounted and is now in display. It’s not only a great piece of artwork, but it also fulfills a sense of wanderlust in my own home.

We hope you enjoyed this little meet ‘n’ greet of ours and that you were able to get a sense of the team at American Art Decor. We truly appreciate your business and value you as a customer, home decorator, interior designer, or DIY-er. 

We’d love to hear your own thoughts and opinions on some of the aforementioned products or products you’ve purchased from us before. We love getting feedback and hearing stories about things you’ve purchased from us. Better yet, we love to SEE what you’ve done with recent purchases. Post a pic for all of us to enjoy!

Have a safe and happy holiday season from everyone here at American Art Decor!

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