Double Down on Saving Space with Modern, Decorative Wood Floating Wall Shelves

When we think about "storage," the thought of unsightly plastic containers and cardboard boxes lining attics and basements invade our weary minds. And who here hides their clutter by loading up cabinets and closets with this and that? Raise your hand!

Though you fancy yourself tidy and perform your annual Spring cleaning back in April, it is not uncommon to roam the house and find random artifacts strewn about the halls and under the beds. Such indiscriminate objects may or may not be of any use, but they offer aesthetic comfort and therefore have a place. 

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To display your treasured vases or trinkets, you would like something other than the run-of-the-mill bookcase or cube-type shelving, which takes up precious real estate.

Think of your walls like a metropolis. Being spread out like Los Angeles isn't always realistic when you don't have a lot of space. You can be like New York City and build up to the sky with wood floating wall shelves

What makes these shelves so fabulous, aside from the handsome minimalist design, clean geometric lines, and embossed wood detailing, is the wide range of styling options that one can render. Stack them like bracket shelves or skewed for a unique contemporary look. 

Small Rustic Beaded Wood Floating Wall Shelf

Small Rustic Beaded Wood Floating Wall Shelf

City dwellers generally live in small apartments or condos outfitted with less than ample square footage, especially bathrooms. One vanity cabinet is understandably not enough for all of the grooming products in your life. With the addition of a shelf or two, you increase places to put your multiple shampoos, lipsticks, or shavers and have some room for a tchotchke or two.

Large Rustic Embossed Wood Floating Wall Shelf

Large Rustic Embossed Wood Floating Wall Shelf 

The miniature kitchen is another obstacle one must conquer. Drawers and cupboards appear deceivingly roomy until you unpack and start filling them with stuff. Now you find yourself using all your counter space in addition. So annoying! Floating shelves  are sturdy enough to safely support some of the overflows of coffee mugs, bowls, and utensils. 

Large Round Wood Floating Wall Shelf - Brown

Large Round Wood Floating Wall Shelf 

You grab your keys, and you're about to leave the house, and as you open the door, you get slapped in the face by a nasty chill. You can pay closer attention to the weather report, or you can keep a hat, sweater, and scarf on a neutral-colored, circular shelf by the door for those sudden temperature drops. You're already late, and now you have to run around trying to remember where you put your favorite striped scarf. 

Small Wedge Wood Floating Wall Shelf

Small Wedge Wood Floating Wall Shelf

A large glass console used to showcase special crystal and dinnerware is nice, but this particular piece of furniture may not fit into all of our budgets or actual needs. However, the importance of creating an inviting environment for our dining room guests is high on our list of priorities. Floating shelves offer a more discreet and less bulky choice for placing family photos, candelabras, and a few crystal pieces. 

Though we didn't discuss overall room furnishings and variations of styles, the floating shelves are marvelously versatile. They will tie any room together and slide in nicely with any decor, including modern, shabby-chic farmhouse, and traditional. 


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