The Amazing Benefits of Outdoor Canvas

The Amazing Benefits of Outdoor Canvas

Good Day, faithful readers! How's the weather holding up in your part of the country? We watch the weather forecasts and know that many of you are up to your eyeballs in the cold white fluffy stuff. For the next few days, you'll be trading in BBQs for shoveling the driveway and earning a much-needed reward of hot chocolate and cookies.

We know you all appreciate the change in seasons and have fond memories of snow days in your heart, but are you not craving some relaxing sun time with a cool drink on your snazzy backyard deck or reading a book on the bench in your enchantingly decorated garden?

Time to Decorate
Modern Abstract

Now is the time to start thinking about some of the new furnishing and decor you would like to add to your private resort. Because soon, friends, soon, you will see the first flower pop its little head up through the snow, and then we will know, Spring is near.

You love art. You own different types and color palettes that speak to your personality. The walls on the inside of your home are entirely adorned with paintings, prints, and photographs. Since you've constructed this new patio/deck with an adjacent garden and pool, you've wanted to find a few visuals for the outside walls as well. Please refrain from taking your indoor canvas art prints out into the wild as they are not made to be weather resistant.

However, our outdoor canvas prints are designed to withstand the elements and hold their structure and vibrancy year after year. You're concerned that the inclement weather would destroy the pieces in six months. We can assure you this is not the case. Keep reading!

Modern Garden Jungle

Solid ConstructionPastel Tropical Villa

You want to feel confident that your favorite outdoor canvas wall art doesn't fade and shred before your eyes during the first Summer storm of the season. Preferably, you want the image of a brightly painted tropical villa to look bright and alive and not dreary and terrifying. Each piece is wrapped around a sturdy frame and reinforced by durable stainless steel, rust-resistant staples, and D-rings for hanging.

A UV resistant and weatherproof layer is placed over the artwork to help each portrait look new season after season without warping. When it rains, or the kids get a little overzealous throwing mud, wipe your piece down with a cloth, and you're good to go.

Where to Hang
Watercolor Cactus

No matter the set up of your favorite charming alfresco hideaway, we can always help you find the perfect hanging location. There are so many creative ways to style and decorate, yet we don't always associate hanging artwork outdoors.

You have the ideal backyard patio or deck with a lovely awning and comfortable padded furniture, but you need a little color on your beige wall. Your quaint front porch has a surround screen, and you just added a new couch and bookshelf. The wall closest to the front door is screaming for color. You live in the desert, and you have your yard sectioned off into an open-air firepit/BBQ lounge area overlooking the pool. Your concrete partition is a steel color and would look marvelous with a tropical or cactus themed print.

The combinations of color, images, and space designs are extensive. Peruse our full collection for various themes and color schemes.

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