Living room by a window with dark wood chairs with cushions, a floral armchair, a velvet couch and, a neutral-toned area rug

Our Picks for 7 Amazing and Classic Decor Ideas That Never Go Out of Style

Home decor trends are as fluid as the changing seasons. We can always expect design experts to imagine new complementary hues, silhouette modifications, and the introduction of a fashionably hip interior design trend. But it's the timeless decorating ideas that last decade after decade.

Knowing trends is valuable information to have. However, performing an annual home makeover to keep up with ever-shifting decor ideas is not realistic from a financial and time commitment perspective. So what are some home decor trends that have relevance and staying power year after year?

After reviewing many past and current home decor trends, we've found seven that offer versatility and come around in the design space more than they go.

Living room with chevron hard wood floors, a marble coffee table on a cream area rug two vintage 1970s cushioned chairs in orange and white, a credenza with plants a lamp two small and two large cactus
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House plants have adorned homes for centuries, and why not? They're plentiful, beautiful, and beneficial to our health. Plants are quiet support systems that release life-sustaining oxygen required to clean the air that we breathe.

They're not just another lovely object on a shelf, plants add life to our lives. Reciprocally, we water them, give them sunlight when needed, and watch them grow and change. A plant will never look the same on two different days.

From a design standpoint, indoor plants, with their endless variety, textures, and colors, add vibrant pops of color to our space. Large potted greenery placed at a home's entryway displays warmth and welcomes all who enter the house. Small to medium-sized flowering plants mixed in with books and decor on bookcases and shelves help break the monotony of having too many similar objects in one space.

Built-in Book Shelves
Living room next to a big window with a large square wood coffee table a cream colored couch, two cream arm chairs, throw pillows and a built in charcoal colored book case
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Did you know built-in book shelving can open up a space, add dimension, be used as storage and elevate the worth of your home? Built-in bookshelf designs are constructed to last and come with inherent versatility. Yes, built-in bookshelves are great for showcasing someone's book collection but can also open up a world of decorating possibilities.

Display and store items with personal value like family heirlooms, artwork, lamps, baskets, and other unique collections. For a new look from time to time, effortlessly change the personality of your room by refreshing the paint on the shelves and swapping out items lining the shelves. This is an easy way to give your room an update.

Remember, it's ok to express yourself through decorating your bookshelf, but you don't want to overdecorate or clutter your shelf. Use the extra framed photos, paintings, and wall decor to create an adjacent gallery wall. 

Gallery Walls
Living room by a window with cream curtains, quilted cream couch wood and metal coffee table a wall of framed illustrations and two birdcage chandeliersImage -

Gallery walls actively enhance the character of a room, add balance, texture, and accent larger pieces of furniture. When designing your gallery, incorporate emotional elements meaningful to you while tying a room together.

Hang a mix of vintage mirrors or hand-painted dinner plates, framed paintings, and sentimental photographs in several alignments or patterns keeping in symmetry. You want your gallery to grab people's attention and let them get to know you through the things that you've collected over the years.

Vintage wall hangings mainly give the viewer a chance to get to know you and learn more about that specific painting, time in history, or design style.

Vintage Pieces
Dining room with an antique wood table chairs with cream chaircovers dishes piled on a table with a plant antique pendant lamps a vintage distressed white wood China cabinet and a wall of hanging plates
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Current decor styles like Grandmillenial and Cottagecore feast on using vintage furniture and decorative accents. Truthfully, you can find some beautiful antiques that are well preserved and a good investment that may be a bit odd; you know, something that you can't see every day

Scan the attic or basement for hidden treasures, like decorative bookends, before getting lost in a local vintage store. There is a personal connection to family heirlooms with insight into our own story. You'll get the old-world charm and sentimental bonus value.

Have you ever heard your grandparents say, "They sure don't make things like they used to!" There is a lot of truth in that. Many antiques hold their value or are worth even more than in their heyday because they are still functional.

Vintage China, old televisions, turn-tables to play vinyl records, and rattan or wicker furniture from the 1970s are not hard finds.

Rattan Furniture
Room with a neutral colored area rug, glass table with books, an opened magazine and plant on the floor a rattan 1970s floor lamp, two rattan chairs and a wood chair with leather cushion
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There is a common misconception about rattan or wicker furniture: it is for the outdoors only! This statement is a complete mistruth. Like our woven rattan sunburst accent mirror, rattan furniture and decor, made from sustainable, sturdy wood, works well for indoor and outdoor furniture.

Rattan furniture's natural texture gives a room an earthy, light, and inviting feel. You can dress up for a sophisticated look with decorative pillows and throws or leave the wooden furniture as is in a sunroom for an airy coastal atmosphere.

If not painted, rattan decor comes in neutral tones great for incorporating a contrast and easy enough to pair with almost any decor style.

Neutral Tones
Living room with couch, area rug pillows in neutral tones and a round wood coffee table
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We think it's safe to say that neutral tones are not singularly tied to any decor trend. They are, in many ways, part of all decor trends. Even the brightest or darkest rooms need a hint of beige or pewter, maybe in a vase or ornate frame. Organic materials like cotton, wool, and wood come in neutral colors in their most pure forms, giving a space a clean, sustainable feel.

Blend neutral tones with tactile textures, like stone, soft wool blankets, unfinished wood, to create a cozy space perfect for de-stressing and relaxing. 

Traditional Area Rugs
A bedroom with a wood dresser metal wall hangings, a ceiling with stars and a well worn traditional area rug
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If you have too many neutral tones, you can add pops of color with an area rug. Incorporating traditional area rugs into most design styles is another essential timeless decorating tip. The ornate patterns and tasteful vibrant palettes work well in colorful spaces and add color in rooms decked out in neutral hues.

Sophisticated and elegant with ancient historical origins, these decorative rugs have a relevance that has lasted centuries. If you can't find the right vintage rug, new traditional carpets can offer the same appeal and personality when properly styled as slightly worn antique rugs.

Whatever your style and tastes, you can always find decor that will enhance your space and last year after year.

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