Pay Homage to the Beauty of the Marvel Universe and its Creator, the Late Great Stan Lee

Pay Homage to the Beauty of the Marvel Universe and its Creator, the Late Great Stan Lee

November 2018 saw the passing of one of the most prolific and industrious greats of American pop culture, Stan Lee. Lee is responsible for the creation of over a dozen classic Marvel comic book characters, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, the Incredible Hulk, and several X-Men. He also personally had a hand in the conception of dozens more characters that are household names today. Even without the stupendous films that now comprise the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lee was already an icon of American art and culture that few surpassed.

Part of what makes Marvel’s characters—and Lee’s contributions to them—so universal is their specificity, how each character contributes to this elaborate and adventure-filled world that is sprawling, magical and superpowered in terms of fun. The costumes. The superhero names. The superpowers themselves. Whether it’s the green Hulk with his gamma-powered rage and strength, or Captain America and his Avenger friends coming at you full speed, or the majestic and mysterious Black Panther pouncing for the attack, the Marvel world is chock full of relatable, heroic and spectacular personalities. Both human, alien, animal, and even plant-based, virtually any and every possible life-form has a home in the world of Marvel. Purple-skinned mercenaries? Check. Talking raccoons? We got ‘em. Walking, superstrong trees from outer space? Got those too!

Marvel Avengers Framed Print on Wall


Marvel has always known how to please both the fanboys and general audiences alike, with classic crusaders like the super-rich and super-egotistical Iron Man and even the more outlandish—and hilarious—Guardians of the Galaxy. And let’s not forget the villains, either—the evil Thanos, who is at the center of the hugely successful Avengers films, is a baddie that no one on this side of the galaxy can hope to topple (just ask more than half of the heroes who appeared, and disappeared, in this year’s Avengers: Infinity War with its shocking conclusion).

This is a watershed moment for the Marvel universe, both in the comics themselves and the big budget films. Aside from the recent passing of Stan Lee, the godfather of all things Marvel, next year will see the end of Phase III in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe—and it remains to be seen just where the films will go from there. While we still have Stan Lee’s beloved cameos in each and every Marvel film, now just might be the perfect time to invest in Marvel imagery as a testament to the immensely popular films, as well as the unparalleled comic book characters who inspired them.

Marvel Black Panther Canvas Wrap on Bedroom Wall

Each of these prints is an impressive showcase of Mr. Lee’s timeless creations, which means each piece also comes with its own built-in fan base; whether it’s the Black Panther (the biggest selling standalone Marvel movie to date), the mighty Avengers (whose fourth installment delivers a much-awaited conclusion to the franchise next spring), or everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos, Iron Man and Black Panther also get prime real estate in these imaginative posters, along with classic and nostalgic comic book cover collages that feature the likes of Thor, Iron Fist and the Hulk.

Marvel Avengers Infinity War Prints on Wall

As part of American Art Decor’s exciting pivot in going beyond our already impressive stable of farmhouse wares, you will find remarkably diverse and eclectic decor options like these going forward. These visually hypnotic prints, either framed in stylish and sleek MDF (medium-density fibreboard) or presented on top-quality sturdy wrapped canvas, truly give your room a comic book “pop!” of color and activity, while also paying respect to the man behind all the magic.

Marvel Framed Comic Book Cover Collage on Wall

Go ahead, put on your ‘kid hat’, and browse these fabulous and fun pictures to choose your favorite. Or, just be a gleefully grownup comic book nerd and go with one of our superpowered group posters! The possibilities are endless. Shop your favorite super hero!


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