Are You Team Superman, Team Batman, or Team Wonder Woman?

Are You a Justice League Team Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman?

We get it. You’re looking for something a little bit...different and more exciting for that one room, or perhaps the whole house. Sounds like a big job, but it’s surely not one to shy away from. In fact, we now have just the folks to help you with the significant task. This sounds like a job for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

The modern mythology of DC Legends Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman comes alive in these magical and pristine home decor prints, giving each superhero his or her due in respect, gravitas and fanfare. This trio of collectible posters begs the question, whose team are you on? The Man of Steel himself, Superman, the Caped Crusader, Batman, or the Goddess from Themyscira, Wonder Woman? They work so well together as a team—after all, they do make up the Justice League—you don’t necessarily have to choose, and can hang all three instead.

Nevertheless, these three icons from everyone's childhood do deserve some individual attention, so let’s break it down a little.

Team Superman

Framed Superman Print on Brick Pillar

If you’re drawn to the ultimate in supreme power—with almost no weaknesses or flaws (beware of that kryptonite!)—Team Superman might be the right fit for you. The Man of Steel is the definitive superhero, a character that skirts the line between god and mortal, alien and earthling, man and hero. If you like your superheroes classic, clean and full of eager goodwill, Superman is your guy. As invincible as he might be though, Superman is still very much a man struggling to preserve the good in the world. As Clark Kent, he strives to make a mark at the local paper the Daily Planet, and pines for his one and only love interest, reporter Lois Lane. Here we find the newly resurrected and somewhat lost Superman, looking for his identity. Disoriented after the events of Batman V Superman, Clark Kent/Kal-El must find his way back to his eternal legacy in Justice League. This otherworldly, attractive image captures the strength, spirit and beauty of the first, and arguably America’s most classic, superhero.

Team Batman

Framed Batman Print on Office Wall

The new DC films explore a grislier, older version of Batman, who struggles with a crisis of faith on many levels. You know you’re on Team Batman if fighting the bad guys never feels as gleeful as it should — after all, isn’t everyone a mix of good guy and bad guy all rolled into one? Batman has always been the thinking man’s superhero, a man of means who takes justice into his own hands and pays heavily for it intellectually, and emotionally. If finding the danger that lurks in dark corners appeals to you, then Gotham’s mightiest savior is the hero for you. The balance of good and evil weighs heavily on Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, and this haunting picture betrays that depth—and the menacing yet heroic man who embodies it.

Team Wonder Woman

Framed Wonder Woman Print on Wall above Radio

In perhaps the DC franchise’s most galvanizing and successful iteration, Diana Prince epitomizes the ultimate in female superhero-dom, as Wonder Woman. Quite literally a goddess among men, she contains all the power of the Greek gods, and carries herself with a regalness that remains somehow very relatable. But you don’t have to be a woman to be on Team Wonder Woman — you just need to be ready to defend yourself and your teammates, to the end! A superhero whose ideals are never ever compromised, Wonder Woman is a magical and virtually unstoppable creature who epitomizes what it means to be a hero: striving for the best, at all odds, no matter what. If that sounds like something you’d like to aspire to, hang this ethereal and breathtaking visual up next to your vision board, and get ready to take over the world.

Justice League and the other DC event films have dazzled and impressed filmgoers the world over, in part because they focus on the very relatable humanity of each of these incredible characters. Unlike so many other examples of comic book decor, these portraits eschew the childish for a real sense of humanity and dimension to these heroes, bestowing the prints with actual value as photographic, cinematic elements in your decor. As part of American Art Decor’s exciting shift in going above and beyond our already impressive farmhouse wares, you will find remarkably diverse and eclectic options like these going forward.

Who says you can’t have a picture of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, who is the first female character to receive her own film franchise (directed by a woman, to boot), dominate the wall of your she shed? Or why not have Henry Cavill’s timeless face as Kal-El from Planet Krypton grace a prime spot in your man cave? As with the others, Ben Affleck’s brooding Bruce Wayne/Batman could work in a multiple of design situations. Take your pick and get into the fun.


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