Take Jewelry Storage to the Next Level with our New Jewelry Cabinet/Armoires and Vanity Tables!

Take Jewelry Storage to the Next Level with our New Jewelry Cabinet/Armoires and Vanity Tables!

With our ever expanding line of art and decor products, we are so happy to announce the arrival of our newest collection of jewelry storage options. These dual-functioning jewelry cabinets/armoires are the perfect piece for all your jewelry storage needs.

Take a gander at the amazing features of these space-saving storage cabinets that will certainly transform and organize your life!

Free Standing Jewelry Armoire with Floor Length Cheval Style Mirror

The dual-functioning component of these pieces combines the vast storage capabilities of jewelry cabinets and armoires with the everyday and utilitarian use of floor-length mirrors. By saving space and combining the best of both worlds, these jewelry cabinets/armoires feature a gorgeous and glamorous full-length mirror that opens up to reveal ample storage space for all your trinkets, treasures, gems, and gifts.

The free standing component of this smart, space-saving armoire means that you don’t have to worry about a big jewelry table or desk taking up valuable space within your home. With the slim, trim design and vast storage capabilities, you have plenty of room for all your pieces in one place that saves floor space and can easily be incorporated into your bedroom decor. Think vertical integration and storage rather than wide, expansive, and bulky furniture like tables and desks.

In addition, the Cheval style type of mirror allows you to tilt the mirror for the best angle when you need to get dressed up or down. Allowing you to find that angle that suits your needs and looks best within your home, this feature elevates these jewelry cabinets a step above your standard armoire with mirror by giving you total control and display options.

Light-up Touch Screen LED Mirrors

Some of our newest additions even feature bright, brilliant, and innovative LED technology right on the surface of their mirror; making it easier to illuminate the area while you get dressed for a night on the town or as you head out for the day.

With a clever design feature that is practical and perfect, our newest pieces here at American Art Decor include gorgeous jewelry cabinets that come with this smart LED technology. With a simple touch of the button on the mirrored glass, a bright white LED light illuminates around the mirror, casting a bold and bright light to help you finish off your look.

No longer needing a separate vanity table, lamp and mirror, this all-in-one vanity mirror and jewelry cabinet armoire has everything you need for getting all dolled up.

Tons of storage
With so much storage, you may just have to go shopping to help fill this bad boy up! Check out how much it can store!

Outfitted with ring holders, necklace hooks, cut-out earring grooves and shelves for hair-ties, makeup brushes and any and all accessories, this jewelry cabinet is the perfect fit for all of your essentials when getting ready. It has ample space for all your cosmetic needs, applicators, brushes, compacts, mascara, lipstick, nail polishes and so much more.

These massive jewelry cabinets and storage spaces have room for scores of rings, over thirty necklaces, fifty pairs of earrings and much more. Plus, not only does it have space for all of your cherished treasures, but this space saving storage system also comes with small shelves that are perfect for housing makeup, brushes, compacts and so much more.

The great thing about having so much storage for all your favorite pieces, whether its necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, cuff-links for him, rings and everything and anything in between, you can rest assured knowing that they all reside in one neat and compact place. These jewelry cabinet armoires with mirror are the perfect pieces for housing all your beautiful accessories, from hair and make-up to jewelry.

Interior LED Lights

As soon as you open the door, your cabinet immediately illuminates your treasure chest of jewelry with bright LED lights so you can see all your accessories quickly and easily.

This convenient feature makes adding those final touches to your outfit painless as you can quickly locate that last-minute accessory in an instant. No more hunting through messy, over-stuffed drawers, with these cleverly placed interior lights, you’ll be able to glance at all your pieces in an instant. The only difficulty will be choosing the right piece for your outfit.

Modern design

Made from sleek MDF wood that gives the piece a clean and modern design aesthetic, this fabulous and multi-functional jewelry cabinet works in a variety of decor situations and scenarios.

The all-white exterior has a classic look and feel to it and gives the piece a minimal kind of aesthetic. The sleek and slender design is attractive and easy to blend with a multitude of home decor styles. From traditional and contemporary, to modern, vintage or farmhouse, these storage systems are truly universal.

Turn your bedroom into a vanity room

Transform your bedroom into your own personal vanity room with this incredible piece that will undoubtedly help you keep tabs on all your jewelry, accessories, and hair and make-up products!

The perfect companion piece for your jewelry armoire!

Still need more room for all your trinkets and treasures? Or maybe you simply prefer getting dressed in comfort and convenience?

With our new makeup/vanity table sets, you can sit in style and comfort as you get dressed for the night, or day!

These chic vanity tables come with light-up touch-screen LED mirrors and tons of surface area and ample drawers for storing your hair and make-up accessories as well as jewelry.

The light-up touch-screen LED mirrors work just like the jewelry armoires and provide a beautiful, bright white light to illuminate the area while you add some touches of make-up.

And with tons of drawers of various sizes, you’ll have plenty of space for other items such as bracelets, rings, hair bands, and so much more.

Removable Mirror

Did you know that this vanity table also gives you the option to remove the mirror so that you have even more surface area?

We bet you didn’t’, but it’s cool…how would you have known? 

This nifty features allows you to transform your vanity table into a fully functioning desk or working surface.

Prop your laptop on it and start answering those emails in the morning along with a cup of coffee and croissant! This feature helps to really get the most use out of this table as you can transform it from a working desk during the daytime and into your vanity table at night!

Sit in Style

With a cushioned stool included with our new vanity tables, you can most certainly sit in style and comfort as you get all dolled up!

These plush stools add a bit of sophistication and elegance to the vanity tables as they come in either grey velvet or a beautiful gold floral-patterned fabric.

Whether you decide on a jewelry armoire/cabinet or vanity table, or both, we hope that you’ll be able to clean up some clutter and get a little organized with these storage systems. We’re thrilled about them and we hope you all are too, so here’s to some happy organization and clean-up time!

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