How to Use and Style Different Pillow Shapes and Fabrics

How to Use and Style Different Pillow Shapes and Fabrics

Adding a few decorative throw pillows to a space is one of the easiest ways to add color, texture, and character to a room. However, there are limitless decorative pillows of various materials, patterns, and styles on the market, and it can be overwhelming to choose just one or two. We've come up with a straightforward method to guide you on getting the best pillow for your space.

Let's glimpse a few rooms where people tend to use decorative pillows and match shapes, bolster, novelty, rectangular/body, round and square, fabrics, and filler, with associated furnishings. By breaking down the purpose of each room, the process will be more seamless and easy to do.

Bolster Pillows

Bolster PillowPhoto: DustandSugar on Etsy

Our living rooms showcase our decorating talents and carefully handpicked precious objects. It's the spiffiest room in the house and where you spend the most time. You want the pillows that you choose to enhance the existing decor of your most-used room.

Incorporating a pop of color and subtle style without overdoing it for this specific room is easy. In Vietnamese, the Bolster Pillow is known as "the hug pillow." A long bolster pillow is nice to have when you're watching that Sunday afternoon movie or engrossed in your current book.

Place the elongated, tube-like cushion, preferably in a solid color accenting your color scheme or delicate pattern, and smooth fabric on the bottom back of an armchair or couch for lumbar support and a unique decorative accent.

You don't want a flattened hotdog on your loveseat; that is not good design. You want your bolster pillow to contain a fill that won't degrade or flatten with use. Polyester, memory foam, or cotton are solid, comfortable, and affordable fill options that hold up to people leaning back on them.

Novelty Pillows

American Art Decor Decorative Pillows

These fun pillows are available in all shapes, including animal and flower shapes, textures, patterns, fabrics, embellishments, and fills. You can have a lot of fun shopping and color matching this category of pillows.

The family room is a well-frequented room and gathering place for listening to music, eating snacks, and watching movies with friends and family. So this room should feel lively and warm with exciting wall hangings, campy knick-knacks, and boho embellished decorative pillows.

Line your comfy velour couch with mixed patterns in monochromatic hues or complementary colors that work together to create a focal point. Tasseled and tufted novelty pillows hand-made in India in tasteful but colorful tones add texture and depth to a space. These lovely pillows generously stuffed with polyester fibers are also easy on the wallet. 

Rectangular/Body Pillow

Body PillowPhoto-Urban Outfitters

Body pillows are available with several kinds of fill, including polyester, which is inexpensive, and latex which is more expensive. If you're going to use this as a comfort pillow for sleep, you might want to find one filled with feathers or cotton for a cooler night's rest. Keep in mind that feathers find their way out and sag, while cotton keeps shape, hypoallergenic, and vegan friendly.

A body pillow can also replace many smaller toss pillows as bedding decor if placed in an attractive casing or cover. If you're exhausted or in a rush to get to work, adding and removing a group of pillows every time you make or unmake your bed can become trying.

Round Pillows

Round PillowsPhoto: foxyandme on Etsy

Velveteen round pillows in macaron colors are just delightful and popular right now. Much the same as bolster, novelty, or square pillows, you can find these filled with many materials and price points. You want to pick one that won't flatten too much like cotton, memory foam, or poly and turn your gorgeous pillow into a discus.

Our dream for you and ourselves is to build a tiny home library with loads of books, a globe, dark wood shelving, and furnishings in deep rich browns and greens. Complementary but brightly-hued round pillows will be the finishing touch to armchairs and window seating.

Square Pillows

American Art Decor Pillows

Square pillows adorned with trimmings like pom-poms and sequence work wonders for a space, especially when stacked, by adding volume to your armchair or couch. But for our breezy sunroom, we'd like square-shaped pillows in soft tones and discreet patterns filled with polyester stuffing for firmness.

Throw pillows for this brightly lit room brimming with plants and flowers serve as accent pieces and are not the single planned focal point. The goal is to maintain a cohesive flow of color, light, and nature.

Here at American Art Decor, we created our hand-woven throw pillows made in India to deliver a beautiful global element to your space. You decide which pieces are the missing piece to your decor puzzle. Check out our full line of intricate decorative pillows crafted to hold up over time.

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