How to Style Farmhouse Shelves

How to Style Farmhouse Shelves

How to Style Farmhouse Shelves

We’ve all been there. One minute you’re scrolling through Instagram, checking out all your favorite farmhouse home decorators’ accounts; the next, you’re hit with a major inferiority complex.

Those shiplap walls are to die for…
That whitewashed dining room hutch is a dream…
I wish I could style my shelves like that…

While we may not be able to help install new shiplap walls or hunt an antique dining room hutch for you, we certainly can help teach you how to style farmhouse shelves! Many people think that styling shelves can be a little easier said than done, but that’s simply not true. With just a few simple pointers, your country farmhouse can be Instagram-worthy in no time.

Tip #1: Use Plenty of White Accessories

Now, this is just Farmhouse 101: incorporate as many white accessories as possible! Whether it’s a whitewashed wood frame, some white candles, or a simple white milkglass vase, white and bright is just the ticket for a great farmhouse look.

Metal and Wood Shelf

Because white home accessories are (obviously) neutral in color, they’ll look amazing on pretty much any style of shelving. You can opt to go with something a little more modern, like the hanging shelve pictured above, or you can choose to stick with something darker and more rustic in appearance. That’s one of our favorite things about using white accessories – pretty much anything goes.

Tip #2: Find Vintage Pieces

If you’re aiming for a truly modern farmhouse look, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend that all of the items you place on your shelves be vintage, but incorporating a few genuinely antique pieces in your shelving is a quick way to accomplish a rustic look and feel. Take a note out of Joanna Gaines’ book and make a visit to your neighborhood antique mall and find something quaint for those shelves of yours!

Charming Farmhouse Shelf For Home Decor

Antique accessories look especially divine on shelving that’s also antiqued in appearance. The rustic shelving pictured above resembles the style of turn-of-the-century doors and cabinetry, so they would go perfectly with a timeless treasure or two. One thing we really love about these shelves is the piping that can be used to hang dish towels or other items, making it a perfect addition to a bathroom or kitchen area.

Tip #3: Add Dimension to Shelving with Corbels

Not sure what corbels are? You’ve definitely seen them before, although you may not have known what they’re called. Corbels are those gorgeous wooden supports often seen juxtaposed to rails and beneath shelving. Rustic wood corbels provide an instant antiqued appearance to almost anything, but they look fantastic along with shelving in farmhouse style decor.

Cute Farmhouse Corbels

Simply add some corbels beneath shelving in any room in your home for a simple yet gorgeous farmhouse facelift. You can also find wooden corbels in whitewashed finishes, which is perfect for anyone whose home leans toward a shabby chic style of decor.

Tip #4: Arrange Items on the Shelf in Triangles

When we say items should be arranged in triangles, we mean that items should be arranged in varying heights, usually grouped in threes in some way. Grouping in triangles can look different for different styles but, generally, so long as you avoid placing items of uniform height all on one single shelf, you’ll be fine.

Real Wood Farmhouse Shelf Home Decor

If bringing high school geometry into your interior decorating is overkill for you, simply try to be a little strategic about item placement. On one side of a shelf, place a tall, skinny vase next to a shorter photo frame. On the other side, a triad of candles (each of differing height) will help balance it all out. It’s all about avoiding uniformity.

Tip #5: Keep Smaller Items Grouped Next to Larger Items

If there’s one thing that trips people up about styling shelves, it’s what to do with all those tiny trinkets they’d like to show off. It can be easy for items like tiny frames, votive candles, or any other small pieces to seem “lost” when placed on shelves, especially larger bookshelves like the one pictured above.

Modern Farmhouse Decor Shelf Storage

The key is to keep these small-statured items “grounded” next to larger items like stacks of books, on top of trays, or in groupings of similar items that are bigger. Even setting a small frame a bit in front of a medium-sized frame can do wonders for the overall appearance of the shelf’s decor.

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