How to Design a Modern Farmhouse Halloween

How to Design a Modern Farmhouse Halloween

Ghouls and goblins and gourds – oh my!

Are you as excited for Halloween as we are? As self-proclaimed home decor aficionados, Halloween is the holiday that kicks off an entire season of fabulous decorative fun, and we always love to jump in with both feet first!

However, with its rather vivid imagery and bold color palettes, decorating for Halloween can present a bit of a challenge for farmhouse decor lovers. It can be challenging to incorporate the holiday’s ghoulish imagery and themes if your aim is to keep a rustic, neutral feel throughout your home.

With that said, there are a few ways you can maintain your regular modern farmhouse style while still participating in Halloween fun! Most of them involve taking your favorite farmhouse pieces and putting a little spin on them. Here’s how.

1. Style a Halloween bar cart

Whitewash Cabinet in Halloween Decor

As we’ve mentioned before, bar carts are one of the biggest farmhouse trends of 2018, and we’re thrilled to see it going strong into 2019. We’ve talked about different ways you can use bar carts and, of course, using it as a decorative item is our favorite! Depending on what your plans for the holiday are, you can opt for a few different themes.

As Halloween Decor

Most bar carts have at least a few tiers of shelving, making them a fabulous tool for creating all kinds of decorative vignettes. You can even give each shelf its own theme! For example, the top tier could feature a witchy theme, the second tier could have a mummy theme, and the bottom tier could have a graveyard theme. You can also use candles, florals, and stringed lights to create a truly eye-catching vignette.

For Your Halloween Party

Of course, bar carts are fantastic tools for hosting. Whether you’re having a simple witchy wine night with your girlfriends or throwing a monster bash with 50 of your closest pals, take your party to the next level by stocking your bar cart with themed supplies. Shot glasses shaped like skulls, liquor bottles with an apothecary-like or vintage design, and even using a little dry ice to create a foggy effect can go a long way toward reinforcing your spooky decor.

2. Set a Halloween mood with ambient lighting

Lighting is key no matter if you’re decorating for a specific holiday or if you’re giving your regular decor a facelift. Using the right kind of lighting sets the tone and can truly make or break your interior’s overall look and feel.

If you want to transform your neutral farmhouse decor into a slightly less-neutral Halloween theme, adding some candles to your dining table, coffee table, or entryway console table is a quick and easy option. This helps to create a warm and low-lit appearance, which is common in fall and Halloween-themed rooms. 

If you want to take your lighting game up a notch, you can opt for vintage-style pendant lighting. This will keep your decor in-line with your farmhouse decor while adding a little pizzazz. Hang two side-by-side with one a little lower than the other, or you can hang a single pendant light for a low-key touch. (pendant lighting

3. Style Halloween vignettes on your shelves

Bathroom with Arch Shelves in Halloween Decor

Of course, taking advantage of the shelving in your home is probably one of the easiest ways to incorporate a Halloween theme into your modern farmhouse decor. If you don’t want to disturb the vignettes you’ve already created, you can quite easily add new space by utilizing hanging wall shelves. These are easy to hang, simple to move from room to room if needed and add some extra style to any space.

We adore this cathedral arched hanging wall shelf, especially for Halloween-themed decor! It’s rustic, has an aged appearance, and is reminiscent of old-timey haunted house windows (without the ghosts, of course). The best thing? This piece is extremely versatile. Imagine what you can create for Christmas decor! And it’s easy to imagine how you can use it for everyday decor once the holiday rush is over, as well. 

4. Leave Halloween messages throughout your home

Chalkboard Shutter on Wall with Halloween Decor

Using items you may not immediately associate with Halloween to add a spooky touch is easier than you might think! For example, you can take popular and trendy LED-lit letters and use them to spell the word “BOO.” You can also take any chalkboard in your home and use chalk and your creativity to create Halloween-themed imagery or to write witchy messages. A favorite idea is writing out a recipe for witches brew on a kitchen chalkboard! Hocus pocus – it’s as easy as that!

- Spell out “BOO” with LED Letters

- Chalkboard  Or Wall Bin Organizer

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