How to Decorate a Farmhouse Office You’ll Love to Work In

How to Decorate a Farmhouse Office You’ll Love to Work In

Do you have a farmhouse office at home?

In 2016, 43% of working Americans reported spending at least some time working remotely, and that number is only growing. Since it’s likely that you’re included in those numbers, you’ll probably need to setup a home office sooner rather than later, if you haven’t already.

Studies have found that people working from home are actually more productive than those working in traditional office environments, but that’s only going to be the case if you’ve got your work area well-designed and well-organized!

As always, we’re here to help. If you haven’t set up a home office before, we have a few handy tips for creating a space you’ll truly love to work in – especially for those of you who love farmhouse decor as much as we do.

Pick an Area Where You’ll Have Plenty of Room

Offices are task-oriented spaces and, as such, will need to be roomy enough for you to get your work done. Depending on what you do for a living, you may need less or more space than average. Either way, a small nook in between the kitchen and the laundry room may work fine for someone who only works from home an hour or so per week, but may not be enough space for a graphic designer who works only from home and who needs plenty of space for moodboards, swatches, and computer equipment.

You will also need to keep in mind where your work area is located within your home. A parent-of-three will probably have some trouble getting much accomplished when working across the hall from the kids’ playroom! Be sure to designate an area for yourself away from noise, foot traffic, and other distractions.

Select Pieces Both Beautiful and Functional

You know us – we’re all about decor. With that said, most of the pieces in your farmhouse office will need to be both beautiful and functional. For most remote workers, a simple writing desk with no drawers or other storage is probably not ideal. Additionally, adorning the top of your workspace with nothing but cute accessories is great and all, but it might be better to place accessories that also serve a purpose.

Adhering to this practice is easier than you think. For example, select a beautiful farmhouse desk lamp that blends will with the rest of your decor. You could also find a cute pen holder to hold your writing utensils and other office supplies. Even storage crates don’t have to be unattractive. The point is, be sure you aren’t filling your workspace with too much needless fluff.

Place Your Desk by the Window

This tip can really help enhance your mood and productivity. Studies have found that those who work in settings with plenty of natural light tend to be more productive, better-rested, and have better well-being overall.

Natural light is a big trademark of farmhouse decor as it is, so you should probably already be heading in this direction anyway. Plenty of sunlight coupled with those white-and-bright shiplap walls will act as a breath of fresh air once you step into your office.

So, grab that desk, scoot it next to a window, and bask in the light of the happy sun – you’ll thank us later.

Storage, Storage, Storage

This tip is closely related to functionality, but it deserves its own moment in the spotlight. It probably goes without saying that storage is a fairly essential element in any home office. A basket organizer to help keep books, paperwork, and other important documents sorted is a great idea.

Other helpful storage solutions include the obvious filing cabinets and drawer systems, but in keeping with farmhouse decor tradition, consider utilizing the space on your walls, too. For example, this can be done by hanging a mail organizer near your desk for easy accessibility. So long as you keep your chosen pieces in line with whitewashed wood, galvanized metal, or other common farmhouse elements, you’ll be sticking to that rule that calls for beauty and function.

Incorporate Plenty of Art

“But wait,” you ask. “How is art functional?”

Similar to the way sunlight helps elevate your mood and boost your productivity, art can help brighten up your outlook (as well as the room). It doesn’t take much, but you can always hang a colorful piece of canvas art on the wall or even place a mini sculpture of your favorite pet on a shelf. Sprinkling some artistic touches throughout your office will help ensure your personality shines through in a space where you’ll likely be spending lots of your time.

How do you like to decorate your farmhouse office?

What’s your favorite way to decorate your home office? You have a designated space for doing work at home? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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