7 Gift Wrapping Ideas to Try this Christmas

7 Gift Wrapping Ideas to Try this Christmas

One of the earliest memories I have is of learning to wrap presents beside my mother. 

Among the glow of the Christmas tree lights, I watched as she carefully tucked in the corners, securing them with tape, before turning the little parcels over, repeating the motions, and slapping a shiny red bow on the center of each one. 

I remember the absolute glee with which I tore into my horde of presents in the coming days, discarding the ribbons and shredding the paper after carefully examining every box. 

There are few feelings I can compare to the joy of receiving and unwrapping a present on Christmas morning, though I have to say that watching the next generation of kids in the family open theirs gets pretty darn close.

Now is as good a time as any to find those old rolls of gift wrapping paper, tape, and a pair of scissors to brush up on your gift wrapping skills. Before you start reaching for the gift bags, we wanted to show you all that it’s really not that hard to wrap your presents beautifully with minimal effort. A quick search will lead you to hundreds of tutorials on how to wrap your gifts as good as the guest services counter does at your favorite department store, but we've gone and prepared a video showing you just how to do it, anyway!

This week, we decided to round up 7 fun and festive ways to decorate and wrap your gifts for the holiday season. Read on how you too can wrap your gifts in the trendiest of trimmings and make the space underneath your tree as beautiful as what’s above.

1. Cozy Critters

Use some construction paper, glue, and a few extras to create adorable festive animals on each present. Fashion some antlers and a red circle into Rudolph, or use a satin ribbon, circles, and a permanent marker to make a teddy bear; whatever critter you decide to recreate, we’re absolutely certain the receiver is going to be smitten!

2. Custom Stamped Paper

Make gift wrapping an activity for yourself and young ones alike by making a fun project out of teaching them how to make your own custom wrapping paper! Carve simple shapes into the flesh of a raw potato and use acrylic paint or an ink pad to embellish the paper with a unique pattern of your choosing.

3. Sustainable & Zero Waste

If you’re as big a fan of the zero waste movement as we are, then you’ll love this idea! Use leftover fabric scraps or even dish towels to wrap your gifts. Add an extra touch to your packages by throwing in some flora, spices, or even an old-fashioned tag.

4. Festive Foliage 

Add a touch of natural beauty to your presents by embellishing them with sprigs of evergreen, festive berries and fruit, and even pinecones—the possibilities are endless. These touches of nature add a festive flair to your gits and an easy elegance to gifts. 

5. Baubles & Doodles

Looking for something fun, easy, and entirely customizable? Doodle festive items all over some plain paper, or use good old-fashioned stamps if you’re not up to showcasing your artistic abilities. 

6. Less is More

If you’re more of a minimalist, keep things simple with your gift wrap by tucking in a card or sticker behind a colorful ribbon.

7. Sweet Toppers

If you’re keen on spreading the Christmas cheer, add a few sweet treats between your present and the outside world. We chose to add a few gingerbread cookies on top of our gifts and kept the paper and ribbons minimal so that our goodies could steal the show.


We know that, in a perfect world, you'd try out all of these ideas and make your gifts unique to their recipients. We also know that there is so much to be done between here and December 24th! Between caroling around the neighborhood, putting up the tree, and decking your halls, whether or not you do anything this season comes down to a matter of time. 

We know that wrapping presents is probably the last thing you want to do this holiday season, believe us, we know, but just think of how much joy you'll bring to someone when they receive a beautifully wrapped present from you. Think about how much love and joy and happiness you could spread just by sacrificing a few extra moments of your time and of the memories you'll make in the process.

Until next week, happy holidays!

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