Looking for Father’s Day gift ideas?

Looking for Father’s Day gift ideas?

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching. This year it’s June 16, 2019 and with only a few more days left, we wanted to lend a hand in helping you find that perfect present for the poppa in your life; whether it’s  for your dad, grandpa, husband, or father-in-law.

Does the dad in your life have that special place in your home where he spends all his free time? That hide-away where he can retreat and do dude things like watch football, drink beer and eat snacks with his fellow male counterparts? We’re guessing he does, and if he doesn’t, why not help carve out his own little corner within your home that’s just for dad? Because let’s face it, he deserves it!

Whether you’re helping him create his first man cave and need man cave ideas or just want to add some new man cave decor to freshen it up, we have an array of exciting new arrivals that make for great gift ideas for your world’s best dad!  

Take a gander at our breakdown of new products for some inspiring gift ideas for Father’s Day 2019!


No proper man cave can truly function without the presence of light.

We know, we know…a dark, dank man cave is part of the charm of holing up in these sanctuaries as they’re perfect for watching movies, sports, and binge watching your favorite reruns or new releases on Netflix. However, having some unique wall decor that contains a lighting component is a great way to not only dress the walls with catchy, retro looking pieces, but it also serves as decorative and ambient lighting for the room by offering an alternative to standard, obnoxious overhead lights.

Our newest arrivals of Light Up Marque Signs contain a great selection of vintage-inspired pieces that are made from strong and sturdy galvanized metal and feature 4-5 LED lights running along one side of the sign; creating a piece of wall decor that not only is visually appealing but functional as well.

These double sided metal signs are a great way to bring a bit of depth and dimension to dad’s man cave as these pieces don’t rest flush against the wall; instead, they jut out from the wall and draw the gaze of guests in an exciting way by allowing the sign to be seen from both sides. Plus, these signs have a nostalgic and vintage quality to them as they resemble street signage you’d see walking along a heavily trafficked street full of shops, storefronts and commerce.

Once lit, these signs truly come to life as they offer a soft and ambient lighting treatment for dad’s den. Plus, with a huge selection of sign types including everything from beer, cars, pool/billiards, games, vintage Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Corona wall decor, the option to mix and match to create a truly eclectic room with lighted accents throughout is easy to do. The only difficult part is deciding on what LED signs you think will suit dad best.

Maybe your dad has an old record player in his man cave and goes there to rock out and blast those old school AC/DC or Journey LPs while sipping on a Corona Light, because let’s face, the days of drinking regular Corona have all gone to his belly! J Or maybe he’s a die-hard Ford fan who loves collecting all things Ford. Ford cars, Ford memorabilia, Ford everything! It’s all good, because we have a sign for him! Whether it’s a beer, cars, or games, we have dynamic led signs that will surely match your dad’s interests and hobbies.   


Next up we have our simple yet stylish metal dome/button signs.

These lightweight metal tin signs are great for dad’s hideout for a multitude of reasons. First off, let’s just cut to the chase; they are so lightweight and easy to hang. No complicated installation or tricky wires, rings, or hangers to deal with. Simply put a nail in the wall and voila, these signs are good to go. Plus, with these hubcap-shaped signs you won’t have to worry about giving this to dad and having it just sit in a pile of stuff that never gets hung on the wall; in fact, you could surprise him and hang it yourself as an added gift for Father’s Day.

Secondly, we carry such a huge assortment of these concave metal tin signs that we can almost guarantee there’s something for every dad out there. Whether he’s a fan of vintage and iconic imagery and logos from such brands as Chevrolet, Ford, or Jeep, our selection runs the gamut of vintage-inspired signage to more current and contemporary looking pieces. From a classic Americana style Route 66 sign to Fireball Whisky, we have all our bases covered. Oh, did someone mention bases covered? Yeah, we’ve even got a few baseball themed signs as well, not to mention Corona, Corona Light and vintage Pepsi signs for those dads that may like to wet their whistle from time to time.

These dynamic dome signs are especially great for a man cave that already has a vintage style in place as we carry such an assortment of signage matches, for example, an ode to Americana culture which showcases classic cars, gas stations, and the idea of the American cross-country road trip; which was such a common activity done back in the day. Maybe for this Father’s Day, help your dad relive some of those moments on the road with a classic Route 66 or Texaco or gasoline sign. Or maybe he has a penchant for vintage and muscle cars, so why not give him our Ford Mustang sign. Ford isn’t his brand? Get him the buzzing Super Bee sign if he’s more of a Dodge kind of guy.

Don’t feel obliged to get one! With an affordable price point and a huge selection of signage, help decorate dad’s man cave with pieces that truly reflect his interests, both past and present.


One wouldn’t expect a man cave to really have a mirror, we get that. Yet these aren’t your ordinary mirrors. These mirrors are made from direct screen printing on glass.

Our collection of screen printed mirrors make a great addition to dad’s dude den, especially if we’re sticking with this vintage themed decor sense we just mentioned. These retro inspired mirrors feature the classic Coca Cola logo printed directly onto stunning reflective surfaces along with old-school soda fountain prices and verbiage. These decorative and functional pieces offer hints of nostalgia while outfitting your dad’s man cave with some classic pieces that pay homage to an iconic brand.

Plus, stay tuned to our website for updates as we have a few Corona mirrors coming into our mix so check back regularly for our most up to date inventory so that you can change the horizon within dad’s man cave and add an adult beverage themed piece of decor for when game time or happy hour comes.


The last set of wall decor pieces that we feel will truly round out dad’s man cave is our extensive collection of embossed metal signs.

Again, our selection of these textured tin signs fall into that retro and vintage decor motif perfectly. We carry everything from Ford and Texaco signage to patriotic American pride and Historic Route 66 and signs as well as a variety of poker and gambling related pieces. So even if dad’s man cave has become his poker palace for him and his pals, why not dress up the walls with suitable signage that matches.

Four of our latest embossed metal signs are perfect for that gambling guy in your life. We have our Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Viva Las Vegas and Lady Luck embossed tin signs that will surely complete the gambling game room that is dad’s man cave.  These dimensional and textured signs are great for adding a more dynamic flair to the walls of his man cave as they feature bold imagery that literally pops from the surface of the metal, making them very noticeable and captivating.

Whether you get him one or all four pieces of these exciting man cave wall decor items , we’re ready to bet it all that dad will be truly be the big winner this Father’s Day.

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