Farmhouse Wooden Crates Storage Solutions

Farmhouse Wooden Crates Storage Solutions

Farmhouse Wooden Crate Storage is one of those things that you can never have enough of; in fact, most people don’t have ample storage within their homes and the options they have are unattractive and unappealing.

No matter how hard we try, we are always accumulating more stuff. It’s a fact of life. We collect mementos and souvenirs as we make our way through life and the difficult part is finding places for all those items. Alas, don’t fret, we’re here to help!

We’ve organized a few storage solution options for you here to help you clean up clutter and manage mess. Most of the items are some of your new farmhouse products and we’re so happy to share them with you!

Basket Cases

Baskets are wonderful options when it comes to storing household items that you want easy access to and most likely use on a regular basis. They allow you to see what’s inside and offer flexibility in usage.

Take our newest set of large and small metal storage baskets. These charming baskets are attractive, durable, sturdy, and can be used for any number of storage woes you may have.

Place the large one in your cozy and comfortable living room as a complement to your favorite wood coffee table or natural wood flooring you may have in place. The contrast of the galvanized metal against the natural wood tones will mesh perfectly. Use it to house your favorite throw blanket and/or pillows next to your sofa when not in use. It’s a quick and simple way to keep your living room looking tidy and classy.

And why not use the smaller one for storing toilet paper, hand (paper) towels, or magazines in the bathroom. It’s a stylish, fashionable and functional way to add a bit of flair for your storage needs.

We’ve also just added three bamboo and galvanized metal woven baskets that are our personal favorites. These baskets are so attractive, especially with their jute rope handles, that they actually make storage and organization seem fun! Well, to us at least!

You may be wondering what in the world could you use all these baskets for. We get it. So we’ve compiled a list of possible uses for the variety of sizes we have within our baskets category. Take a peek, get inspired, and write back to us to let us know how you end up using them. We’re truly interested in innovative ways you solve your storage issues.

  • LARGE – Ideal for storing larger household items you may have such as throw blankets, pillows, towels, shoes, boots, umbrellas, and firewood.
  • MEDIUM – Perfect for storing newspapers and magazines, toys and games, or to house socks and underwear and bedroom linens.
  • SMALL – Hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, hand towels and all your small scale items are ideal for this basket.

Transforming great crates to hanging wall shelves

Wooden crates make for wonderful storage vessels. They are simple in design, aesthetically pleasing, and blend in remarkably well with the farmhouse style of home décor. They are universally recognized and offer such versatility in use. You can place them on the floor for storing larger items or on tabletops for your smaller things. However now you can transform your traditional crates to unique hanging wall shelves.

Take a gander at some of our newest storage crates and discover their remarkable capability from moving off the floor or table and onto your walls.

On their own these wooden crates make for smart storage solutions. Offered in three varying sizes and allowing total control of your storage concerns, these three separate pieces can help bring some organization into your life. From firewood to vinyl records, magazines or other paperwork, these crates can be used to store any number of items within your household. They truly leave the option in your hands as to what you place in them and where within your home you use them.

These traditional wood crates now have the option to be used as useful hanging shelves for any number of possibilities. Complete with hanging hooks on the back, these charming and rustic crates can quickly morph into fashionable and functional hanging shelves in a matter of moments.

Whether you use them to house ornaments, mementos, chotchkes, keepsakes or small plants, this innovative and unique feature transforms a common wood crate into an eclectic hanging storage accessory. Another option is to use them in your kitchen to house your spices, oils, salts, herbs and other culinary accoutrements. It’s a beautiful and exposed option as opposed to items living covered up behind a cupboard or cabinet doors.

Or maybe you’d like to hang all three of them up on one wall in your living room or bedroom and fill them with your personal library of books. It’s a sure-fire way to bring a catchy and attractive fix to that stack of books just sitting on your dresser. Plus, we guarantee it will look chic. It brings that rustic appeal of the farmhouse style and marries it with the simplicity and usability of everyday storage.

Tell us how you’d like to use them within your home by leaving a comment below.

The magical world of floating shelves

Floating shelves are kind of magical. Well, actually, it’s probably less magic and more ingenuity, but bare with me.

Floating shelves have a specific charm and elegance to them because they are literally, unhinged. The mechanics of floating shelves makes it so that they appear to float on the wall in which they are installed, eliminating the need for clunky metal brackets that can take away from the look and feel they are trying to evoke.

Take, for example, our rustic whitewashed floating shelves. On their own, these shelves have character and style that would be completely ruined with a set of ordinary metal brackets attached to them. Not only would brackets distract from the rustic, shabby chic, whitewashed effect of the wood, but they would completely change the entire look of the shelf.

Yet on its own, the shelf sits with an unhinged sense of beauty and grace. It allows the items you place on top of the shelf to take center stage without concern for unsightly brackets to shift focus.

On top of that, floating shelves are tremendous spaces savers and perfect as bookshelves and placeholders for framed photos, keepsakes, small plants, chotchkes, knick-knacks and all those other adorable mementos you’ve picked up along the way on that journey called life.

Check out all of our floating shelves and let us know which ones you like best!

Happy organizing!

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