Charming Farmhouse Window Shutter Mirrors (You Didn’t Know You Needed!)

Charming Farmhouse Window Shutter Mirrors (You Didn’t Know You Needed!)

Do you dream of living in a charming French farmhouse cottage? You know – the kind that’s nestled in a forest somewhere, has a trellis full of pink roses, and comes complete with quaint window shutters to help shut out the world from the privacy of its comfort?

Well, we might not be able to help you find that magical cottage, but we can help you capture the charm of those rustic window shutters!

If you’ve been doing any home decorating lately, you’ve probably noticed the recent surge in popularity of window shutter wall mirrors. They’re a fantastic way to infuse your home with country appeal and they’re incredibly unique – especially the ones we’re about to show you!

These mirrors are beautiful and they’ll help give any room a bit of a facelift for the upcoming summer months. Take a look at the selection we’ve collected for you below, and then be sure to read up about the best and worst places to hang mirrors in your home! You can also read about some of our wall-hanging guidelines by clicking here.

Weathered Wood Window Shutter Mirror

Do you love the look of weathered and worn wood? If you love to decorate with antique-style home accessories, you’ll love the look of this mirror and the rustic vibes it’ll bring into your home. This particular mirror would even look quite lovely as a covered patio accent to complement a garden area.

White Key Hook Window Shutter Mirror

We’re all about home furnishings that are both beautiful and functional, so this window shutter mirror with key hooks is one of our favorite picks! It would make a wonderful addition to your entryway to provide a place to hang keys or light jackets when coming home after a long day. This mirror would also be practical in a mudroom (and if you have one of those awesome farmhouse mudrooms, consider us green with envy)! Hang it next to your mudroom’s seating area for quick and easy access for your family members as they arrive home.

Whitewashed Wood Window Shutter Mirror

Perhaps you love a worn and weathered wood look, but you prefer the wood to be whitewashed instead of natural? If that’s the case, this mirror is the perfect solution! Thanks to its simple and classic design, this mirror would be perfect for a traditional farmhouse or modern farmhouse style home. One of the things we absolutely adore about this mirror is its versatility. From the kitchen to the foyer to your little girl’s bedroom, it can genuinely be hung in any room in your home and still look amazing.

Arched Window Shutter Mirror

Remember that dreamy French cottage we mentioned earlier? This mirror might possibly be the perfect selection to go right along with it! A mix of wood, metal, tan and white tones, and whimsical scrolling patterns, this mirror is the epitome of a romantic home furnishing. It would look particularly lovely placed above a console table as the wall’s centerpiece or even as the star of the show in a powder room. It’s also a great addition to any shabby chic or French provincial style home.

Cathedral Arch Window Shutter Mirror

If you prefer to keep your home furnishings more on the rustic side, this cathedral style shuttered mirror would go along with your decor perfectly. It would also look great in a Mediterranean or Spanish-style home! The unique sun accent at the top along with a very slightly-whitewashed appearance give this piece a sense of antiquity and country charm. Wouldn’t you just love to see this hung on a stucco wall?

Looking for farmhouse mirrors?

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