Farmhouse Trends: What’s In for 2018

Farmhouse Trends: What’s In for 2018

Don’t you just love all the possibilities that come along with a brand new year? New years are for new changes, so this is a popular time of year for interior designers (both professionals and hobbyists) to begin updating their homes in preparation for fresh trends.

Not sure what some of these upcoming trends are? If you’re looking for farmhouse decorating ideas for 2018, you’ve come to the right place! We have insight into what will be popular in the months ahead and we’re getting ready to bring you an awesome new selection of farmhouse decor to go along with them.

So, without further adieu, here are some of the projected farmhouse interior design trends for this year:

Bold Prints

All-white everything is out for 2018, even in the farmhouse decor niche. While white walls and crisp white kitchens will still be popular, more emphasis will placed upon injecting pops of bold color and prints into decorative elements like pillows, rugs, and wall art.

Some popular accent colors this year will be Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year Ultra Violet, as well as Benjamin Moore’s 2018 Color of the Year, Caliente. Similarly rich and vibrant hues will also be popular.

When it comes to prints and patterns, geometric lines and shapes will be popular, especially tribal and southwestern style designs. In addition to geometric accents, floral and greenery-themed prints will be making a huge comeback as well. You’ll find these big, bold prints on wallpaper, accent pillows, and on wall art.

Wood Tones

While white will be less of an influence in farmhouse decor this year, replacing much of the white wood will be a return to medium and dark wood tones. A weathered and rustic wooden look will be popular in furniture, flooring, ceilings, and even wall paneling (to a degree).

Although wood will be back in 2018, you’ll want to avoid overdoing it. A wooden piece here and there is enough to do the trick when attempting to hitch a ride onto this trend. You’ll also want to avoid wood that’s overly orangey. A raw wood coffee table or a single wooden cabinet for your coffee bar is a great way to seamlessly incorporate wood into your white farmhouse decor.


We’re sticklers for metallics of all hues, so we’re excited to see metals like brass, copper, and gold make a comeback! Darker, more muted metals will also continue to be quite popular in 2018. This is great news, especially for industrial decor enthusiasts who love to use a combination of metal pipes and wood in their interiors.

When adding muted metals to your farmhouse interior, the possibilities are plentiful. You can update your home’s hardware, you can switch out elements like faucets, or perhaps an easier option would be to add a piece like a metal and wood bookcase to a den or reading nook.

Open Shelving & Exposed Storage

If you’ve been in love with the open shelving trend of the last two-or-so years, you’ll be happy to hear that it’ll still be going strong in 2018 for rustic farmhouse shelf. In addition to open shelving, another big staple in farmhouse decor has become exposed storage.

Different types of exposed storage include wire baskets, mesh containers, and wooden crates. You can even find entire sets of shelves made of these materials which work well for gardening, crafts, and other types of organization.

What do you think about these 2018 farmhouse interior design trends? What other design trends are you looking forward to? What are you happy to see go away this year?

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