Farmhouse Furniture: A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Piece for You

Farmhouse Furniture: A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Piece for You

Are you a farmhouse decor devotee? A wicker furniture whiz? A radical for all things rustic? A whitewashed wood worshipper?

On the surface, it may seem as though there isn’t a whole lot that goes into farmhouse style furniture. Many people mistakenly think farmhouse decor is drab (bless their little hearts). But even within the world of farmhouse decor are countless options suitable for all kinds of personal preferences! Whether you prefer weathered wood, wicker, minimalism, or perhaps the more eclectic side of things, there’s something for you in the world of farmhouse.

So, how do you pinpoint what’s best for you?

Choosing a Design Style

Take a look around and really examine the things in your home. Even if you haven’t “finished” decorating your favorite spaces, assess the pieces that are your favorite. What is it that appeals to you about them? Are you drawn to neutral palettes or bold colors? Do you love floral prints or geometric lines? What about wooden items? Are they dark, light, or whitewashed?

Once you’ve made note of the qualities you really enjoy about your favorite pieces, consider using them as the basis for the rest of the decor you choose for your home. If you really love pastels, you might make a note to avoid incorporating bright reds or oranges into the room. If you love the shabby chic type of farmhouse style, it’s likely that you’ll steer clear of dark wood furniture or abstract art.

Make your own rules and then follow them. You’ll love watching your home slowly transform into exactly what you’ve been dreaming of!

Farmhouse Furniture

Whew! Now that we’ve ironed out how to choose your own farmhouse design style, you might be wondering where to begin, especially if you’re still trying to visualize exactly what “industrial farmhouse” actually looks like.

To help you out a little, here are seven awesome pieces of farmhouse furniture that would be great for a variety of tastes and styles.

For the Industrial Farmhouse Fan

Barn Door Bar Cart

Industrial farmhouse is an interesting design style, as it is best described as a marriage between rustic and streamlined. Think Little House on the Prairie meets steampunk. For this interior design style, you’ll often find pieces that are made of both wood and metal. It’s also common to find a mix of other contrasting elements like cement countertops in a kitchen with shiplap walls.

This barn door barn cart would be perfect in an industrial farmhouse style home. Notice the industrial metal frame juxtaposed against the wood. Plus, bar carts are useful for a variety of reasons, from being a wet bar accessory to serving as added kitchen storage. You can read more about different ways to use bar carts here.

For the Shabby Chic Shopaholic

Decorative Hanging Window Door

Is it just us, or do people who love shabby chic decor seem a little more romantic than the rest of us? There’s gotta be something about living amongst all those airy fabrics, floral prints, and whitewashed wood that really does wonders for a person’s outlook!

If you happen to be one of those people, this decorative hanging door is something we know you’d love. Trellis patterned wood “windows” and painted galvanized metal detail are quintessential shabby chic hallmarks. Take a look here for more on whitewashed wood and shabby chic style decor.

For the Modern Farmhouse Maven

Shuttered Wall Mirror

If you’re thinking of “modern farmhouse” and sliding barn doors don’t come to mind, you’re thinking all wrong! Barn doors are one of the hottest trends in modern farmhouse decor and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

If you don’t want the hassle of spending time and money to have a big barn door installed in your home, why not choose something like this shuttered wall mirror instead? One of our favorite things about this particular piece is the way it mimics the look of a real window, which means it’ll help open up any space in which it’s placed. If you need some extra pointers for incorporating mirrors in your home, we have them for you here.

For the Cottage Decor Connoisseur

Wood Wine Rack

Barn doors are also quite popular in the super rustic design styles, such as cottage chic. This wood wine rack with sliding barn doors is very reminiscent of the doors one might see in a stable or when heading into a tack room.

Of course, one of the best things about this piece is the added storage it offers, especially if you’re into collecting wine (we’ve even known some people who collect bottles exotic cooking oils who’d love something like this!). Even better? Just close the doors when you want to keep your collection more discreet.

For the Wicker Furniture Fiend

Three-Drawer Wicker Nightstand

Wicker furniture has begun to make a big comeback in the last year or so. These types of pieces or appealing to many people because they’re easy to clean, come in a variety of styles, and add quite a bit of extra texture to a room’s design.

This particular wicker nightstand is a wonderful addition to any home for just those very reasons. Not only does it come in an attractive neutral hue, it can be placed anywhere from your bedside to your bathroom.

For the Bohemian Farmhouse Buff

Bamboo Metal Storage Basket

Can we hear a little love for all the farmhouse hippies out there? Eclectic farmhouse, bohemian farmhouse, rustic boho – whatever you call it, this style of decor is all about combining the natural with the funky.

One very popular design element commonly found in bohemian farmhouse homes is bamboo. That’s why this bamboo and metal storage basket would be adored by anyone with a penchant for the earthy or unconventional. Like any other storage piece, this basket can be utilized in a variety of ways.

On the hunt for farmhouse furniture?

Whether you’ve got farmhouse fever or simply like decor with a rustic touch, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

At AAD, we design, manufacture, and retail all our own products, offering an eclectic range of modern farmhouse items. From antique-inspired wall art to detachable rugs, we cut out the middleman to bring a carefully curated selection of high-quality home décor directly to you, the consumer. And thanks to our user-friendly online store, shopping for our products is as simple as clicking a button.

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