How to Create Your Own Farmhouse Coffee Bar

Good morning! Pour yourself a cup of your favorite brew and settle in, because today we are going to talk about creating your very own farmhouse coffee bar.

You love coffee, and you maybe even have multiple ways of making it, like a standard coffeemaker, a French press, and an espresso machine. Whatever your method(s), your coffeemaker plus a grinder, a sugar bowl, and other accessories can leave your kitchen counter with very little room to spare. But it’s silly to put everything away in a cabinet when you’re going to need it all again the next morning. The solution? A coffee bar! Follow these steps to put together a coffee station in your home, complete with rustic farmhouse flair.

Pick your space

It’s a good idea to decide on your location first. After selecting your perfect coffee station spot, you can look for pieces that suit the space you have to work with. Be sure to check for outlets if you’re planning on plugging anything in, or run an extension cord over from another area. (Pro-tip: use cable covers that match your wall or baseboards to keep extension cords looking neat and clean.)

While your coffee bar can certainly be in your kitchen, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Consider options elsewhere in your home, especially if you have a small kitchen. Is there an alcove in your living room that you never really use? Coffee is a great addition to a social seating area. If there’s an awkwardly small linen closet in the hall, consider taking off the door and revamping that space. You can even re-purpose that built-in hutch in the dining room that has just been collecting clutter.

Since we’ve all managed to spill our morning coffee at least once (while wearing white, of course), we recommend choosing a space with flooring that’s easy to clean. If a carpeted area is the perfect spot, however, grab a washable accent rug to avoid any coffee catastrophes.

This won’t work for every space, but if you’ve chosen an alcove or recess for your coffee bar, think about an accent wall. Stick-on white shiplap or eye-catching chalkboard paint are beautiful farmhouse style accent options.

Find furniture

Now that you have a location all ready to go, take some measurements and start the hunt for furniture! Wood is the classic choice for farmhouse furniture, especially with a visible grain. A dresser, bar cart, bookshelf, or even a console table can do the trick if it’s the right height. Try reaching for an imaginary pot of coffee and pouring a cup to find a good surface height for you.

If you’re feeling ambitious, once you find a dresser or other piece that you like, paint and distress it to give it that farmhouse furniture look. Chalk paint, sandpaper or a wire brush, and wax sealant can do wonders for making something new look like a well-loved antique. If you’re feeling even more ambitious--and have the time, skills, and necessary tools—you can build a custom table to fit your exact space.

Sort out storage

Depending on the furniture you’re using and how many coffee-related items you have, you may want to mount some floating wall shelves above your coffee bar. This provides additional storage as well as space for decorative items. Add hooks to the shelves (or use a cute rustic coat rack!) to hang up your favorite mugs. For additional mug storage, you can use a mug stand or tiered tray.

Galvanized metal trays are a great way to keep things organized, and we love glass jars as decorative and functional containers for coffee beans and sugar. To keep items neatly stored in your drawers or shelves, use wicker baskets, farm crates, or vintage wooden boxes. Add a personal DIY touch by stenciling or hand-drawing labels on all your storage solutions.

Before you start moving all your coffee accoutrements into your new coffee bar, take a moment to go through everything and take out any clutter. Expired coffee, broken mugs, that second set of espresso cups that you’ve never touched—this is a great opportunity to discard or donate anything you aren’t thrilled to add to your new coffee station.

Add decor

Now comes our favorite part of the process: decorating!

If you’re getting any new mugs, go with enamel or ceramic mugs in clean white for a gorgeous and timeless farmhouse look that is both part of the decor and an essential part of your coffee station. Dark accents on the rim or charming typography give added character to minimalist mugs. For another blend of art object and coffee accessory, display ornamental creamers or souvenir spoons. Decorative tea towels—or should we say coffee towels—are another great touch.

Bring in a splash of vivid color to the neutral color palette with a wreath or potted plant. (For more tips on farmhouse colors, check out our blog post on adding color to farmhouse decor.) Wall art with inspirational text is another perfect way to get your day started off right. And for the finishing touch, you need a coffee sign or two!

“Fresh Coffee Served Daily” written out in vintage type and paired with a sweet illustration will give you that retro diner feeling. “But first, coffee” scrawled out in gorgeous handwritten lettering will explain to everyone that nothing else can happen before you have your morning coffee. A vintage farmhouse style wall sign that simply reads “COFFEE” is, of course, a classic.

Incorporating rustic chalkboards into your farmhouse coffee bar decor is perfect, because not only do chalkboards evoke a cozy café, but they allow you to change the sign according to the mood, season, or occasion. (We’re thinking about doing a whole blog post on using chalkboards in home decor soon so keep an eye out!)

Enjoy a cup of hot coffee!

Congratulations, you now have a perfect excuse to invite a good friend over for coffee to have a good old-fashioned catch-up session.


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