Farmhouse Bathroom Decorating Ideas with Function and Style

Our bathrooms are somewhat of a sanctuary, aren’t they? Think about it: this is often one of the first places we spend our time after we wake up in the morning, and it’s usually one of the last places we visit before bed. We use this space for soaking in the tub after a long day, for getting spruced-up for our anniversary dinners, and – be honest – to get a little “me” time from the kids (even for just a few moments).

With that said, the bathroom can be a bit of an afterthought when it comes to decorating our homes. Sure, we all want a perfectly decorated kitchen, living room, and bedroom, but what about that trusty bathroom of ours?

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to show our bathrooms some love.

One important key to a really well-furnished farmhouse bathroom is keeping practicality in mind. While you’ll definitely want one or two decorative accessories in your bathroom, most of what goes in this space should serve some sort of purpose, usually storage. Typically, bathrooms are a bit on the small side, so finding a way to store all those toiletries and towelettes can be challenging. Well, we have a few ideas for you.

Rolling Barn Door Storage Cabinet

One of the best ways to create a little extra storage space in bathrooms is by hanging a cabinet on the wall, usually right above the toilet. If that isn’t an option, you can hang it on a bare wall and balance its placement with a very small console table below.

This storage cabinet is quite unique, as it comes complete with an already weathered appearance and a charming rolling barn door to hide away eyesores like medicine bottles or extra rolls of toilet paper. You could also consider storing extra hand towels, cosmetics, or hair styling supplies like curling irons and hair dryers. The handy hooks are great for hanging damp towels or for keeping your favorite robe within arm’s reach.

If storage isn’t a problem for you, another favorite way to utilize this piece is by using it to display photo frames, candles, and other decorative elements! The hooks at the bottom could even be used for small lanterns or other hanging decor.

Wood and Metal Storage Crate

Another great way to add some extra storage in your bathroom is by using a crate like this. This storage crate is another very versatile piece, and the rustic wood combined with the galvanized metal trim make this a great piece for farmhouse bathrooms. Our favorite thing about this crate? Why, the wheels, of course!

You may be wondering: why do I need a storage crate with wheels? There are a few reasons why. First, if you plan to put objects with any considerable weight into the crate, it’s easier on you for it to be easily accessible and easier to move around. Second, you can separate toiletries and other bathroom items by their intended use, making organization a little simpler for you.

For example, moms of smaller children love to use these crates for bathtime. You can keep your child’s favorite hooded towel, tear-free shampoo, bubble bath, and bath toys in one crate; when bathtime rolls around (no pun intended), simply roll the crate next to the tub and everything you need is ready to go. You can also use these crates for towel storage, beauty supply storage, or even as a small laundry vessel in which to toss used hand towels. The possibilities really are endless!

Orb Figurine

As we mentioned above, most of the furnishings you put in your bathroom should be useful and practical for the limited space you have. But, we’re nothing if not obsessed with farmhouse decor. That’s why we have to insist that a well-furnished bathroom must include at least a few decorative elements meant, simply, to sit and look pretty.

What decorative accessories do you put in a bathroom? Well, like anything else, it could range anywhere from wall decor to washable rugs – it’s really up to your personal tastes and desires. Some of our current favorite home accessories, however, are these adorable orb figurines. Accessories like these are often taken for granted because, standing alone, they may seem a bit too simple. The real beauty of these orbs, though, is how awesome they are for highlighting the decor they’re next to.

For instance, place this orb next to a photo frame, succulent, or candle. Its job is to help balance out the decor you might already have sitting on a shelf or on your bathroom counter. You can even get a set of two or three of these orbs of differing sizes and place them together in a bunch – a hot trend in interior decorating is repetition.

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