Farmhouse Kitchen Essentials (and 7 Home Accessories You’ll Love for Yours)

Farmhouse Kitchen Essentials (and 7 Home Accessories You’ll Love for Yours)

Ah, the farmhouse kitchen. A staple of classic American home styling, the farmhouse kitchen has remained a steadfast trend for decades.

Farmhouse kitchens are popular for a few reasons. First, farmhouse kitchens, by-and-large, tend to be styled in fairly neutral tones and color palettes, making them easy to meld into many other decor styles. Farmhouse kitchens also tend to be almost completely white, which makes them feel cleaner and, oddly, makes them easier to clean in general. And, overall, this kitchen style is popular simply because it evokes all sorts of nostalgic memories for those who spent hours baking with grandma, doing school projects, and enjoying family meals in these spaces.

With that said, the rustic farmhouse kitchen is often transformed so that it fits into numerous other “subsections” of the farmhouse style (i.e. modern farmhouse, industrial farmhouse, etc). However, no matter which style of farmhouse tickles your fancy, there tend to be certain common essentials found in all farmhouse kitchens:

1. A farmhouse sink.

This almost goes without saying. You just can’t have a farmhouse kitchen without a farmhouse sink. This type of sink is larger and deeper than the average kitchen sink, and the front of its basin is exposed so that counters and cabinets don’t conceal it. Often, you’ll find farmhouse sinks that feature a basin adorned with some sort of design, texturing, or scrolling.

2. White cabinets.

Now, this will depend upon your favorite style of farmhouse but, typically, most farmhouse kitchens have white cabinets. If you tend to lean more toward French country or cottage chic, you’ll find that soft blue or sage is a popular cabinet color. However, when in doubt, stick to white.

3. Exposed shelving.

A lot of people tend to associate exposed shelving with boho or industrial style kitchens, but this design element is usually found in farmhouse kitchens as well. The difference, though, is that farmhouse kitchens usually only have exposed shelving in one particular nook – maybe over the fridge, sink, or to where the shelving replaces just one cabinet. For tips about styling farmhouse shelves, read more here.

4. Wood countertops.

This is another design element that varies depending on which style of farmhouse you’re going for, but the classic farmhouse kitchen will typically feature wood countertops. Butcher block countertops are even better. Rustic butcher block countertops are most desirable.

5. White dishes.

One of the big goals of most farmhouse styles is to keep things as neutral as possible. So, it should go without saying that white dishes are the way to go when designing your farmhouse kitchen. If you’re a fan of funky dishware and are leery of going too plain, one way to keep things interesting is by using white dishes that are mixed-and-matched with different shaping, scrolling, and texturing.

6. Rustic home accessories.

The finishing touches of any farmhouse kitchen will include decorative accessories like baskets, crates, trays, jars, wall decor, and other rustic elements. Group them together to create a vignette in the center of the kitchen island or dining table, or arrange them on your exposed shelving. Read more here for tips on styling home accessories for a tabletop.

Need some ideas for decorating your farmhouse kitchen?

If you need some ideas for decorating your farmhouse kitchen, here are seven of our favorite accessories for a rustic farmhouse kitchen:

Rewined Corkscrew Wooden Pallet Wine Wall Art

This vintage-style wooden wall decor has a color palette perfect for the farmhouse style and features a wine theme perfect for any kitchen or wine bar area.

Barn Door Chalkboard Magnetic Wall Organizer

Chalkboards are great for kitchens as they can help keep grocery lists, recipe ideas, and other helpful reminders within arm’s reach.

Wood Wall Organizer with 3 Storage Bins and Chalkboard

Storage is a must in any kitchen, so this wood wall organizer would be a great addition to yours! Plus, each bin has a chalkboard for easy labeling and added rustic charm.

Let's Eat Farmhouse Wood Sign

Lets Eat Farmhouse Wood Sign

Vintage-style signage is another essential not only for farmhouse kitchens, but for every room in a farmhouse. This “Let’s Eat” wood sign gets right to the point.

Kitchen Rustic Wood Canvas Art Sign

Another fabulous farmhouse sign? This rustic wood “Kitchen” sign, of course! It features a lovely vintage font and metal hardware detail.

Metal Wire Ceiling Pendant Light with Edison Bulb

Hanging lights are popular in farmhouse kitchens, especially black metal caged lighting.

RUGGABLE Washable Modern Fretwork Tan Rug

A runner in a kitchen? Of course! This particular rug is not only beautiful, it’s actually washable, making it perfect for high-traffic and food-stain-prone areas like the kitchen or dining room. Yes, that’s right – it’s washable. As in, you can put it in the washing machine. Don’t believe us? Read more about Ruggable rugs here.

Looking for other types of home decor?

At American Art Decor, we design, manufacture, and retail our own products, offering an eclectic range of farmhouse decor items. From antique-inspired wall art to shabby chic mirrors and distressed wooden cabinets, we cut out the middleman to bring a carefully curated selection of high-quality home décor directly to you. And thanks to our user-friendly online store, shopping for our products is as simple as clicking a button.

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