Embark on an Imaginative Journey of Affordable, Upscale Home Decor Designs

Embark on an Imaginative Journey of Affordable, Upscale Home Decor Designs

Coastal Ornaments

Amreican Art Decor's Sea Scallops Azure Glass Vase Set and as the tides turn table top knots in blue placed in arched wall shelving.
To the Shore

The coastal winds sing a sweet melody as they dance through an open window and caress linen curtains. We endeavor to capture their beauty and bring the splendor of the shoreline into the comfort of home.

Let your walls echo the soothing susurrus of the tides with accents like our shell vase set. This mollusk-inspired pair, crafted from glass, brings organic beauty to any space. Arrange blooming starfish lilies or fragrant lavender in these natural treasures for a touch of the shore with seaside home decor on a budget.

Bring a sense of freedom and adventure inside with a trio of framed nautical knots. These intricate weavings of rope harken back to days of exploring the high seas under billowing sails. Display them in a study or laundry room to inspire daily voyages of the imagination.

For a whimsical addition, hang the framed mosaic turtle or whale wall decor in a bathroom or child's room. Crafted from printed porcelain, glass, and canvas, they add a spark of playful ocean charm. Surround them with stuffed whales and turtles for a fully immersive underwater experience.

The Garage: A Man's Retreat

Fortress of Solitude for Dudes

As a 1932 Ford hot rod displayed in the garage symbolizes escape, so does our Fortress of Solitude for Dudes man cave decor collection. Surround yourself with bold designs and textures that transform indoor spaces into masculine retreats.

Bring vintage vibes to the game room, garage, or home bar with our licensed printed metal waste bins featuring brand logos like Ford Mopar, and Modelo. Sturdy metal construction and retro-inspired graphics make tossing empty cans and bottles more stylish. Place in different rooms for a high-impact style.

Divide and Conquer

Room Dividers

For a space-saving solution, arrange our double-sided printed canvas room dividers to separate a room or hide a messy one! Featuring striking images of Brooklyn, Paris, and blooming cherry blossoms, these foldable canvas dividers provide privacy and style. Unfold to reveal a different scene on each side. They're perfect for adding a pop of sophistication to a studio apartment or screening off a home office area.

Seeking Serenity?

Our new due out soon minimalist-inspired offerings emulate Scandanavian Designs with airy tranquility. Display elegant ceramic vases finished in soothing neutral tones filled with wispy dried grasses or eucalyptus. Hang avian origami wall art showing birds in flight crafted with linen and paper. Their serenity flows through the home.

Treasures to Come

Like merchant ships returning from exotic lands bearing rich spices, silks, and artifacts, American Art Decor  voyages to discover unique decorative accents for the home. We proudly unveil our newest collections that draw inspiration from various lifestyles and design philosophies.

Adorn your walnut-finished whiskey cabinets with etched glass doors and pieces from the new Gentleman's Bar collection. Choose from framed cocktail guides, sculpted resin wall decor, or wood and metal wine racks for your most prized bottles. The neon "We are Open for Boozeness" sign adds a dash of humor. Create a warm, welcoming space for relaxing with a dram at the end of the day.

At American Art Decor, we search far and wide to uncover affordable, unique, imaginative home decor treasures to bring sophisticated stories and style into your abode. Let our new collections transport you on creative journeys through decor. We can't wait to reveal where our buyers venture next. The treasure hunt continues.
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