DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Herb Garden and Charming Storage Ideas

DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Herb Garden and Charming Storage Ideas

Isn’t this charming tiered storage bin something you’d love to have in your home? When you come across a piece like this, it can be difficult to decide what to use it for because there are almost too many possibilities!

When it comes to farmhouse decorating, finding creative uses for the decorative items in your home is par for the course. After all, the farmhouse style is rooted in a time in American history that required people to be innovative in making good use of whatever they could.

Fortunately, Americans are still just as creative as ever, including those of us who love to furnish our homes in new and interesting ways. That’s why we’re not only thrilled to introduce this beautiful and practical piece, we’re also excited to share some interesting ways to usefully incorporate it into your farmhouse style home.

Here are a few ideas:

Creative ways to use a storage bin for farmhouse decor.

Use It for a Kitchen Herb Garden

If you’re a home chef or gardening enthusiast, you’ll appreciate having a quaint herb garden at your fingertips when whipping up all your delicious meals.

Some common herbs kept in indoor gardens are basil, rosemary, oregano, and parsley. You can even keep sage and chives indoors! Most of these herbs do well when living indoors, but you’ll want to be sure you’re using the proper soil and growing the right herbs during the right times of the year. With just a little research, you can figure out which herbs will be best grown where, with how much sunlight, and how easily (some herbs are hardier than others).

Creative ways to use a storage bin for farmhouse decor.

Other things to keep in mind when growing an indoor herb garden are:

  • Ensuring your herbs are receiving plenty of direct sunlight
  • Being careful when taking trimmings from the plants
  • Paying attention to which leaves you’re cutting – larger leaves are the plant’s source of energy
  • Taking time to learn how to propagate the plants (growing new plants from cuttings of older plants).

What are your favorite herbs to grow at home?

Use It as an Attractive Guest Room Display

Since first impressions are lasting impressions, impress guests who come to stay at your home by giving them an extra-warm welcome. This tiered storage bin can easily be used to conveniently display any items visitors may need during their stay.

With three roomy bins, you can easily store plenty of extra supplies your guests may have accidentally left behind before embarking on their travels. Of course, you can easily tuck in a few towels or other larger items, but smaller items like cotton swabs can first be placed in small, decorative containers and then be put into the display. Other items such as hair dryers or curling irons could also be included.

Some items to include in your guest room display include:

  • Hand or face towels
  • Cotton swabs, balls, or pads
  • Soaps, shampoos, lotions, and loofahs
  • Extra toiletries like toothpaste, floss, or razors
  • A candle or two
  • A special gift

Friends and family always appreciate when we put a little thought into showing how much we care about them. Let them know how much you missed them by welcoming them in a big way!

Creative ways to use a storage bin for farmhouse decor.

Use It as Gardening Storage

If you’ve got a green thumb and enjoy gardening, this tiered storage bin is perfect for helping keep your utility room or storage shed nice and neat. Sturdy keyhole hangers on the back of the bin allow you to easily hang it in your shed or on your storage area’s pegboard wall.

Use it to keep gardening gloves, gardening hats, sunblock, and other protective gardening gear handy and separate from tools. Or, if you have knack for growing smaller plants like succulents, use it to store your smaller gardening pots and drip trays. Of course, you could also use it store hand-tools and other compact supplies. If you happen to be growing hardy garden produce like potatoes, you could also utilize these bins as temporary storage to keep them up off the ground.

What are some of your favorite gardening storage essentials?

Looking for a unique storage solution for your home?

This wood and metal wall organizer is versatile in its design and its function. Mount this piece in the entryway of a home and use it as a mail organizer with a bit of country flavor. Hang it in an industrial style home office to keep your important papers organized, or use it to store magazines and other reading material in a vintage living room with metal accents.

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