Decor Trends to Watch in 2021

Decor Trends to Watch in 2021

Many of you will be itching to revamp your home decor for the new year.

Whether you’re planning big changes, or you’re just looking for a little change of scenery, there’s a trend (and style!) out there to perfectly suit your tastes. 

This year, we’re seeing several 2020 trends continuing into the new year with some added touches to accommodate our current stay-at-home situation.

So, we’re sharing our top 3 style projections for the year, along with some tips on how to pull each off successfully using American Art Decor items. Read on to discover the trends that will define the next 12 months and enjoy this little preview of things to come!


Grand Millennial 

Drawing upon the floral and maximalist explosions that have come into recent favor, designers have dubbed the grandeur of these intricately decorated spaces “Grand Millennial” or “Granny Chic.”

Common motifs among those in the know are updated classics and antiques and pieces that emphasize your individuality. Those who seek to embrace this style would do well to lay the floral prints on thick, and to break out any family heirloom pieces for display. If you’ve ever thought about starting a collection, this trend is the perfect excuse to start!

The key to nailing this ornamental style is to breathe new life into tried-and-true silhouettes, patterns, and items, and to find ways to make old things feel brand new again. Ultimately, you want to create a space grounded in memory and nostalgia that’s comforting, but not suffocating, to be in. 

Working in tandem with this trend is a return to COLOR. While the past decade has favored neutrals and white-washed walls, this trend lends itself to cozily dark interiors and deeply saturated hues. Deep wine, mustard, olive, and burnt orange shades create a comforting, almost autumnal vibe, while cool emerald, amethyst, and maroon become more elegant and buttoned-up spaces and styles. On the flip side of the color wheel, pastel yellows, baby pinks, mauves, and sky blues help make rooms feel more open and traditional—both qualities highly prized in the Grand Millennial style, which can easily go from luxurious to cluttered if you’re not careful.

To get the color story right: pick out a dark neutral, like charcoal or deep brown, and pair it with frequent bursts of color and pattern. If you’re more of a fan of light color palettes we recommend doing the same thing, but instead of opting for a dark neutral, choose something light, bright, and universally flattering like eggshell or ecru.

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Last year saw many of us turning to our homes for comfort and sanctuary. During a time when our homes have had to play office, spa, gym, and restaurant, many are seeking ways to make their spaces functional, relaxing, and aesthetically pleasing. 

While some homeowners turned to big renovations to tailor their space to their needs, others simply sought out new ways to make their space work for them. Quick and easy ways to make your space feel brand new are changing up the paint, adding new linens, running an essential oil diffuser, or even keeping a fresh bouquet of flowers in your rooms. 

This style trend emphasizes comfort and ease, and neutral or pastel color palettes seem to reign supreme. Those seeking to make their home a safe haven during these trying times would do well to turn towards cool-toned pinks, desaturated blues, and mellow greens, as well as warm greys and ivories. To accent these nuanced colors, designers recommend mixing in some natural stone elements and even light-stained woods, along with the tried and true metallic finishings. The goal here is to create a cozy ambiance to help make staying indoors feel like more of a treat than a proverbial prison sentence.

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Eco Consciousness

As contentious of an issue as it is, global warming has inspired new ecologically conscious practices in many of us. Whether it’s recycling, buying local, or finding ways to breathe new life into items, being kind to the planet has finally come en vogue!

This style trend focuses on making use of what you already have, as well as for opting for more nature-friendly elements. This means more items made from renewable or recycled materials are out on the market, driven by an overwhelming demand for businesses to be more cognizant of their footprint. 

To successfully pull this trend off: opt for warm colors and well-loved pieces. Think strategically before you toss items such as used up food containers and bottles, and find ways to make use of what you already own by practicing your DIY prowess. If circumstances allow, consider adopting some plants into your home, or keeping fresh flowers in a vase nearby at the very least.

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Those are the top 3 design and decor trends for this year. We’re so excited to see how these three styles evolve during the course of the year, especially as things begin opening back up! 

What about you? Do you have any plans to switch things up this year? Are you planning on taking any of these trends to heart? Let us know in the comments below!

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