4 Amusing Double-Sided Signs For Welcoming Friends and Foes

4 Amusing Double-Sided Signs For Welcoming Friends and Foes

Our homes are obviously quite essential to our existence as basic shelter from external elements and a place of comfort and safety. We've come a long way from dwelling in caves and hiding from saber-toothed-tigers.

Back in the days of the early humans and long before the retail and e-commerce boom, people still found ways to personalize their habitat in the form of pottery, animal skins, and storytelling cave etchings. The need for some level of visual enjoyment and home trimmings appears to be innate.


The nuts and bolts of what makes a home is similar for most of us. Then we add the flavor of our family's personalities and combined interests to compose a genuinely unique household. Lest we not forget our fun, furry, feathery, and leathery friends!

When diving into deciding on what home decor products capture your essence, try not to take yourself overly seriously. An injection of humor can contribute to a sustained level of cheeriness and put your guests at ease. We have four witty double-sided leaning/hanging signs  that can be hung on or propped against any wall and will surely elicit a chuckle or two.

Living with people, family or not, is one of life's more compelling challenges. All of the daily demonstrative clashes, messes, and truces go with the territory of cohabitating. Your solo friends will probably appreciate a subtle heads up on the chaos that lurks within.


Happy Place

You know that any family or communal living situation that proudly showcases a sign with the quip "Welcome to the nuthouse," and on the back, "This is our happy place" are exceptionally friendly and hilarious folk who can laugh at themselves with relative ease. This family hosts plenty of summer barbeques, pool parties and are the stars of the neighborhood.

Bring Happiness

And then we have the dark humor and biting sarcasm clan. Although friendly, this family has the below-the-belt banter ready and waiting to go. Put on a suit of armor before entering this shark tank. You can recognize them by their welcome sign: "We are already disturbed, please come in," and on the reverse side, "All visitors bring happiness, some by coming, others by leaving." Expect themed happy hours and horror movie nights from this crew. Your "proceed with caution" internal radar may get triggered.

Dogs and cats eat our food, annex our beds, and conquer our hearts. Those who have committed to providing a loving home to an animal in need know all too well that the animal owns the house; we only live there. Pet persons decorate with their cuddly counterparts in mind and don't care about the fur balls.


For the dog family, "Welcome, we hope you like dog hair," and "If our dog doesn't like you, we probably won't either" because why would we? The dog knows all. And for the cat people out there, "It's not cat hair, it's kitty glitter," and on the reverse, "Welcome must love cats to enter," so don't even consider approaching the premises if not!


These signs are purrfect for styling in entryways, hallways, family rooms, sunrooms, and bar areas, as well as enclosed porches. They are of ample height, standing at 47.25", and are impossible to miss! So don't be ashamed to expose your quirky family to the world; they'll appreciate it one day.

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