Backlit LED Signs vs. Vintage LED Signs: Another Great Decor Debate!

Backlit LED Signs vs. Vintage LED Signs: Another Great Decor Debate!

We've gone past the sixth-month mark of 2021 and are just about mid-way through this much-anticipated summer. Are you all shaking your heads, wishing there was a pause button on time? Yea, so do we.

You had many plans for this season of warmth and only completed 1.5 out of the ten things you wanted to accomplish in your home. Don't worry, as there is still plenty of time. In general, knocking out small projects first can work to your advantage and build momentum for those more undesirable and complex tasks.


Last year, during the pandemic pandemonium, you, along with everyone else on the planet, spent an obscene amount of time at home. With that, you recognize that your decor is essentially on life support. You want fun and lively and need a break from the ordinary.

Well, we have a little challenge for you. From sports teams to soft drinks to fast food, there seems to be a rivalry for nearly everything. So we've decided to come up with our own friendly competition. You wanted excitement! Drumroll, please! Backlit LED Signs vs. Vintage LED Signs. Which do you prefer? We'll lay out the scenarios, and you can decide.

Vintage LED Signs

Babe Cave

We're all quite familiar with the infamous "Man Cave," that deep, dark, cold place in the house where dads the country over go to chill out, play video games, drink beer and yell at the TV when their team is losing.

Ok, so what about mom? Moms the country over also need their zen space with plants and creature comforts to sip wine, eat cheese, yell at their favorite teams, and get away from everyone and everything in general to reprogram.

Such a place does exist. It's not only a fabled location. We call it the "Babe Cave" and have the supreme vintage LED marquee sign to light up your cherished space and lay claim to your territory.

Happy Hour

Let's say you have limited space, but just enough to carve out a shared section for hosting small gatherings like an after-work happy hour. You want to make this small area fun, warm, and inviting like your most frequented neighborhood haunt.

We think the Happy Hour Vintage LED marquee sign  with a lovely pin-up girl in a martini glass hung up in just the right spot will have your guests feeling like they can let their hair down, unbutton that top-bottom, and kickback from 5-7 pm.

Backlit LED Signs


Marquee signs with brightly exposed LED bulbs offer a vibrant old-school feel that shouts party time! On the other hand, backlit LED signs tend to create a more subtle ambiance with their soft, humming glow.

These signs also have vintagesque qualities that can fit in the Man Cave, the Babe Cave, and the at-home speakeasy equally. We have some other styling ideas up our sleeve.

We chose two brands that are popular in current American culture. One is the family-friendly soft drink brand Coke and the other a loved cinnamon-flavored adult beverage, Fireball.


The red-hued backlit Coke sign will add a hint of burgeoning adulthood to your teen's bedroom or their hideaway game room. We all know that all the pestering in the world will not make them watch TV or play games with the lights on. This cool sign can add some brightness and style to an otherwise lackluster room.

Fireball, the catalyst of many a crazy night and subsequent hangover, is far more appropriate for that refurbished garage or workshop with all the new tools and shiny motorcycle. This antique-inspired sign can also accompany the happy hour marquee at the wrap-around basement bar.

In our very humble opinion, each type of signage offers something a little different yet of comparable value for your wallet and tastes. Now it just depends on the mood you choose to create.




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