Antiqued Farmhouse Mirrors: New Year, New Reflections!

Antiqued Farmhouse Mirrors: New Year, New Reflections!

What are your 2018 New Year’s resolutions?

Perhaps you’re looking to clean up your diet. Maybe your goal is to be more active. But, if you’re like us, your New Year’s resolution may be to update your home decor!

The New Year is all about reflecting upon the past and looking toward the future. So, if you’re ready to revamp your interior spaces, a great way to start is by adding some beautiful mirrors around your home. After all, aren’t New Year celebrations all about the shine, glitz, and glamour?

Aside from being decorative, mirrors serve a practical purpose for interiors. Not only are they considered art, they also help a space feel brighter and more open. This is especially helpful if you’re living in an older farmhouse or a place with few windows or low ceilings.

Interested in some possible reflective additions to your home? Here are some fun mirrors for you to consider:

antiqued farmhouse mirrors

Antiqued Farmhouse Mirror - Teardrop Shaped 

You may think that decorative mirrors are a dime a dozen, but that’s not always the case. Consider selecting a mirror that is both practical and beautiful! One of our favorite things about this particular item is its antiqued appearance.

Yes, you can purchase a new mirror and DIY-it to death in order to give it an old appearance. And, yes, you can hunt estate sales in an endless search for the perfect reflective surface that’s both vintage and still in good quality. But instead, how about purchasing a piece that’s the best of both worlds?

Brand new and beautifully antiqued, this teardrop shaped mirror is a wonderful selection for your home.

shabby chic wooden farmhouse mirrors

Scalloped Wood Rectangular Farmhouse Mirror

Many farmhouse decorators prefer to steer away from clean lines and tend to stick to rustic irregularity. Because one hallmark of farmhouse decor is the appearance of being “unfinished” or “imperfect,” this scalloped wood mirror is a popular piece for rustic decorators.

With a wood frame crafted into 3D scallops, depth and texture are highlighted in this is truly unique piece. This mirror would also be ideal for those living in Spanish-style or “hacienda” style homes.

rustic farmhouse mirror

Shabby Chic Round Gold Concave Mirror

Do you love the appearance of beaten metal? Within the past 10-or-so years, this look has become so popular that even jewelry designers like John Hardy have made it their signature look.

Because this particular mirror is of a traditional round shape, it would be easy to hang it almost anywhere and within almost any style of decor. Plus, with a 25” diameter, this piece can be hung on smaller walls in need of just a little “something” without overpowering the wall.

Mirror Hanging Tips

Ready to bring home a new mirror? Here are a few tips for hanging it:

  1. Avoid hanging your mirror by using a cable wire.
    To safely hang your mirror, be sure all hooks are actually attached to the wall.
  1. Don’t hang it flush against a mantel or shelf.
    A good rule of thumb when hanging your mirror is to ensure it’s about 4 or 5 inches above the shelf or mantel over which you’re hanging it.
  1. Consider time-of-day when choosing placement.
    If you’re hanging it in a bedroom, you may want to hang it so that it reflects the morning light. On the other hand, you may want to avoid hanging it so that it faces the setting sun in common areas like the kitchen or living room.
  1. Keep the shape of the room in mind.
    Long rooms are typically served better by long mirrors, whereas wide rooms are usually served better by wider mirrors.

Where is your favorite place to hang a mirror? What other sort of accents do you use to brighten up a space?

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