9 Outdoor Canvases to Update Your Summer Decor

9 Outdoor Canvases to Update Your Summer Decor

Despite the global pandemic keeping us all at home, we’ve found our own little ways to keep the summer vibes going strong all summer long. 

One way that we’ve learned to keep that summer feeling alive and well in our home is by updating our decor.

We’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors, whether we’re gardening or just lounging, so we decided to focus on giving our backyard a little decor refresh to update our surroundings. Not only does this keep things interesting, but it also helps keep you from feeling overly “cooped up.”. Plus, it gives you something to do with all your newfound free time!

An easy way to make your space feel fresh and completely new is just by adding some outdoor canvas wall art to your summer decor! 

Canvas art is a versatile home decor staple that many people tend to neglect. The right piece of canvas wall decor instantly adds interest to an empty or dull space and can be used to achieve a variety of effects. 

For example, if your room is lacking color, a canvas print is a great way to make an impactful statement or build a color mood. If your space is lacking interest, the right canvas art print can instantly add texture, dimension, and personality. 

Outdoor art does pretty much the same thing outdoors that regular canvas art does indoors. For these reasons, and so many more, we decided to design and create a line of sun, wind, and waterproof UV protected outdoor canvas art prints to change the vibe of any patio, garden, deck, and backyard.

If you’re interested in learning how we’ve salvaged our summer this year, and how we’ve styled some of our new outdoor canvas art prints, read on!

Tropical Palm Trees help curate a soothing atmosphere

As far as outdoor canvas art goes, palm tree photos are pretty standard fare. 

I mean, who doesn’t want to lounge beneath the shade of a blissfully swaying palm tree, ice tea in one hand, and a good magazine in the other?

We love the stylish, modern look of this particular outdoor canvas print. Not only is this fresh take on a well-loved subject a total outdoor home decor must-have, but it’s ultra-chic and perfect for starting off your summer on the right foot.

Capture the beauty of the ocean with Aerial Ocean Waves

Had enough of palm trees? 

No worries–we’ve got you covered on that front! 

Even though we’re yearning to go to the beach and soak up the sun and waves, this Aerial Ocean Waves outdoor canvas photograph makes us feel like we’re actually there! 

The stunning views, crashing waves, and luscious sprays of seafoam make the perfect backdrop for us while we enjoy the warm summer weather. 

To sweeten the deal, this outdoor canvas picture is totally weatherproof, so we always get to enjoy our little slice of oceanfront paradise, come rain or shine. ☀

Add contrast with Modern Abstract art

We love the great outdoors as much as anybody, but sometimes green on green is a little over the top.

Whenever we feel as though that’s the case, we opt for funky abstract art that play off our current outdoor decor's color scheme. Not only are these outdoor canvas prints easy to style, but they also make any setting feel super fancy! 

Don’t believe us?

This simple Modern Abstract Art perfectly accents this outdoor dining and hang-out area. 

This outdoor canvas art draws on the warm terracotta and wood within the space, neutral tones from the linens and hammocks, and a hint of green from the house itself. 

This print both matches and contrasts with this space, instantly drawing the eye instinctively towards it and blending in just enough so that it doesn’t look out of place among the rest of your summer decor.

Use these Luxurious Palm Leaves to liven up your existing decor

For those of us lacking in the greenery department, we’ve opted to go all out with an ultra-luxe palm leaf outdoor canvas print. 

Because, let’s be real, who has the time to babysit a garden full of plants all day?

This particular piece of all weatherproof canvas print works in this space because it easily stands out as the most vibrant thing within view. The layered palm leaves don’t have to fight for your attention in this kind of setting, and thus their beauty can be thoroughly appreciated. 

Take an imaginary trip through the streets of Europe with Town Street View

A few of us had set our eyes abroad before this whole virus mess started. While there’s nothing much we can do about those plans now, we can do our part by staying at home and enjoying the view from our backyard. 

Create the illusion that you’re chilling in the middle of some serene European villa with this charming street view. 

Bonus points if you style this outdoor canvas wall art print with lots of flowers and some dainty summer patio furniture!

This Tropical Cockatoo Jungle adds some serious texture to any space 

Outdoor canvas art doesn’t just have to serve as a background feature. 

Incorporate it into the overall design of your space by using it to achieve your desired effect. 

For example, we felt that this space was severely lacking in the texture department, so we added some in with this whimsical Tropical Cockatoo Jungle outdoor canvas print. The bird’s orange features matched perfectly with the linens and the side tables we had in this space. The delicate lines of the palm trees within, plus the spattering of dots in the background, added just the right amount of texture and helped us feel like this outdoor summer fire pit area was finally complete. 

Shake things up with Abstract Tropical Plants 

This particular UV-proof outdoor canvas print is one of our favorite tools to pull out when we want to draw upon its tropical vibes without breaking from a more neutral “zen” color palette. 

This Abstract Tropical Plants outdoor canvas print is the perfect fit in these spaces because it combines a tropical motif with a refreshing color palette. This print’s shades of blue and peach are so universally flattering that this particular canvas fits in just about everywhere.

Add a touch of natural beauty with this Abstract Floral

Some of us are just blessed with an impeccable outdoor space that we don’t need to do much with.

If that’s you, fair enough! But, if you’re craving a bit of a change, outdoor canvas art is the perfect way to do it. 

Not only are canvases easy to install, but they’re also easy to switch out! This makes swapping them out and redecorating super easy, giving you total design freedom. 

This garden area was already teeming with lots of dense plant cover like shrubs, bushes, vines, and trees. With all that green around, it feels a bit empty without a flower or two...so we remedied that with an abstract floral and a few wall sculptures. 

We made some room to construct a wall, to act as both a divider from the garden and the lounging area, and to provide the perfect place to display our new outdoor canvas decor. Once the wall was built, it was simply a matter of hanging up our new summer decor, and stepping back to admire our handiwork. 

Coastal Vintage makes it feel like you’re chilling on the coast

We find ourselves saying this a lot these days, but it’s paramount that you STAY AT HOME! We promise you’ll be back at the actual beach and enjoying the real sun and sand sooner if you do.

Make this relaxing Coastal Vintage outdoor canvas print to really bring the summery beach vibes to your backyard. Take it a few steps further and mix yourself up a piña colada, pitch a hammock, and, if you’re particularly desperate: mix a cup of boiled water (cooled), 1-2 tablespoons of salt, a smidge of Epsom salt, and some essential oils in a small spray bottle and spritz yourself with it to emulate the feeling of fresh ocean air.

No need to panic if you get a little DIY ocean spray on your new artwork: each one of these canvases is waterproof, rust-resistant, and perfectly engineered to withstand all kinds of extreme weather conditions if hung properly. 

These are just some of the ways that our team at American Art Decor has been enjoying our new all weather-proof outdoor wall art at home this summer season. We’d love to hear how you plan to style your very own outdoor canvas print! We’re always searching for new inspo! 

Till next time!

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