8 Kids Rooms Decor Ideas for Any Home

8 Kids Rooms Decor Ideas for Any Home

Anyone who has kids knows how challenging decorating a child’s room can be. Although young, kids tend to have a very strong sense of self. With that can come strong preferences and opinions about the decor of their living area.

With that said, although we’re all about giving our youngin’s room to freely express themselves, mom and dad have to live with (and pay for) this decor, too. But worry not, dear parents! Below are eight great pieces of decor for a kids room that both kids and parents will love.

Magnetic Message Board with Magnets

Metal Wall Art Magnet Sign

Since the days of playing with a magnetic alphabet on the fridge, most kids have enjoyed collecting and playing with magnets. Now that they’re a little older, give them a magnetic message board of their own to display in their room!

A magnetic message board like the one above is not only an attractive pop of color, it has many other purposes as well. Your child can use it to proudly display report cards or artwork, collect photos of friends and family, or you can place simple reminders for them to see. You can even leave them a little “I Love You” note to remind them how special they are to you.

Abstract Cat White Resin Sculpture

Most kids and teenagers are animal lovers, so decorating their rooms with animal figurines is another go-to option. The cat figuring above is sleek and modern, so it’s perfect for our younger, hipper (or so they think) kids. Plus, its white finish ensures it’ll fit right in with any color scheme they already have. If your kid is more of a dog person, you can find a similar dog sculpture here. Or you can always pair the dog and cat together to help fill some empty shelves!

Chevron Print Chalkboard

Decorative chalkboards serve so many purposes in any room, and your kid’s room is no different. The chalkboard above features a chevron print and bright turquoise color that makes it feel young and cheerful. It even has a little storage compartment to store chalk or small written reminders. You could also consider hanging it in a playroom so your little tykes can practice writing their ABC’s and spend some time drawing with chalk.

Concrete Table Lamp


Isn’t there just something about this concrete table lamp that reminds you of a Rubik's cube? That’s why we think it would go great in a teen’s room – especially one who’s a bit of a techie or gamer! Its accompanying Edison style light bulb is very on-trend, so it’s quite perfect for a younger person’s room. This lamp would also be a great addition to a desk or study area.

Colorful, Washable Rug

@ At Sign White Letter Block


Ah, yes, the ever-recognizable “@” sign. Remember a time when you didn’t know why it was even on the keyboard? We do. Our kids, though? Not so much.

Anyone born after the demise of the dial-up internet tone would love to have this “at-sign” letter block for their desk or study area! Trust us – in a time where our kids are hashtag-swooning over everything social media-related, this item will be a winner for sure.

Always Be Kinder Than You Feel Sign

Being a kid isn’t always easy. Sometimes they need some gentle encouragement here and there. So how about hanging a positive reminder like this in their room? This rustic sign would be especially loved by any child with a penchant for all things light, airy, and feminine.

How do you prefer to decorate your child’s room? Do you let them have free reign or do you have final say?

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