5 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for Summer

5 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for Summer

Summer is upon us and warmer weather is here! For most of us, this time of year involves plenty of gatherings for family and friends. With that being the case, you’ve probably found yourself stressing about party preparations and imminent guest stays.

Fear not, friends! Entertaining for events like Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day don’t have to cause worry. There are a few simple things you can do around the house in order to prepare for a stress-free summer.

Here are five of our favorite ways to prepare your home for summer entertaining:

1. Update your outdoor decor.

Summer entertaining is all about showing your guests a great time on the deck or patio. You’ll definitely want to perform the usual maintenance and upkeep outside. Check the deck for broken slats, walk throughout your lawn to check for ant piles, and inspect the exterior of your home’s structure for any necessary repairs.

Additionally, if your patio is covered, adding a few home decor accessories to its dining or coffee table is a great idea! Something like this rusted leaf statuette would be a lovely outdoor accessory.

2. Add a bright pop of color.

Summer is all about bright, sunny colors. In order to really get your home guest-ready for the summer months, add vivid color with new decor! Current trends in home decor call for bold colors like turquoise, yellow, pink, and lime green.

This framed turquoise medallion is the perfect summer item for any home and is certainly right on trend. Hang it in your foyer to make an instant impression on your guests or feature it on your favorite gallery wall. Colorful wall hangings are a great way to instantly transform any room and are easy to switch throughout the seasons.

3. Organize, organize, organize!

The summer months can bring oppressive heat and lazy days. Clutter and other excessive items can add to the feeling of overwhelm that often comes with high temperatures. It’s important to keep your home nice and tidy in order to leave yourself (and your guests) feeling light and at peace.

Filling your home with plenty of organizational items is a good place to start when you’re preparing for an overhaul. Make sure each room has some sort of functional storage, whether it’s a practical vessel in the bathroom for cosmetics or a storage basket (like the one pictured above) in the bedroom for throw pillows or dirty laundry.

4. Add some bright, new lighting.

Since summertime is all about bright and light decor, what better way to brighten up your home than with some new lighting?

Current lighting trends include pieces with edison-style bulbs, lighting with caging, and unique candelabras. The geometric cage table lamp pictured above is airy, fun, and the perfect addition to any decor this season. Its neutral-colored shade ensures it’ll go well with most styles.

5. Have a stocked bar cart on standby for parties and guests.

Another great thing about summer? Impromptu gatherings with friends and family! In order to make sure you’re always prepared for a little entertaining, it’s a great idea to keep a stylish bar cart fully-stocked and on standby.

If you’re not the boozy sort, bar carts are also a great alternative for kitchen storage and as a decorative accessory. For more ideas about how to use a bar cart in your kitchen, read some of our pointers here.

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