5 Simple Farmhouse Holiday Decorating Guidelines

5 Simple Farmhouse Holiday Decorating Guidelines

Did you spend time on social media oohing and aahing at all the beautiful Christmas farmhouses and their incredible interiors this holiday season?  

A common quandary for farmhouse style lovers is holiday decorating. Although it seems simple enough, creating a lush Christmas interior that melds seamlessly with the neutral farmhouse decor already in your home can seem like a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be.

When planning next year’s holiday decor, all you have to do is stick to some basic guidelines in order to achieve farmhouse holiday decorating greatness!

Stick to Neutrals

Of course reds, greens, silvers, and golds are traditional colors that can be incorporated into your farmhouse interior, but the key is to use those colors sparingly and strategically. Another option would be to designate one specific area of your home to a particular color scheme not normally present in the space.

This could be achieved by decorating a specific Christmas tree with a certain color palette or by choosing a particular shelf to place major holiday accent pieces. Of course, if you have enough decorative holiday elements that flow well together, you could simply spread them throughout a larger space to help create a greater sense of cohesion.

Use Farmhouse Greenery in Christmassy Ways

Bay and magnolia leaves are common farmhouse greenery used for decorative purposes, as well as olive leaves, succulents, and cotton stems. If you’d prefer to stay away from the look of spruce or pine needles, decorating your home with a bay leaf or cotton stem wreath is a creative way to get festive for the holidays without bringing in clashing elements.

Make Ordinary Farmhouse Decor Part of the Christmas Scape

Most of us have galvanized buckets, wooden crates, or other types of vintage-style accessories adorning our interiors. It’s incredibly easy to create a holiday look using containers like these – all you have to do is gather a small bunch of wintery red berries or some flocked spruce sprigs, tie it all together with some burlap, place it in your container, and voila!

Use Plenty of Texture, Layering, and Dimension

Although we have this listed here as a holiday farmhouse decorating guideline, this really goes for anytime farmhouse decorating. While a lot of farmhouse decorators do like to keep their homes more minimalist, we’d say the vast majority like to use a lot of texture and dimension (think Jess Wasserman or Liz Marie Galvan).

Remember to keep basic interior design principles in mind. Stick to common farmhouse elements, aesthetics, and materials. And, as always, go with what you love.

What do you think about these farmhouse holiday decorating guidelines? What did we miss? What will you do differently when decorating for the holidays next year?

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