5 Rustic Home Bar Ideas for Any Farmhouse Style

5 Rustic Home Bar Ideas for Any Farmhouse Style

When it comes to decorating a farmhouse-style home bar, there are lots of great options depending on what you’re trying to achieve. As we know, there are many different kinds of farmhouse styles, so it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the options you have.

For example, it goes without saying that the decor you’ll need for a shabby chic wine bar is a little different than what you’ll need for a vintage garage-themed man cave. Regardless, there’s something for everyone! Here are a few ideas for decorating your home bar, no matter your rustic home decor style.

Shabby Chic Bar Decor

Shabby Chic Bar Decor

Shabby chic decor is made distinctive by its use of weathered, whitewashed wood, vintage signage, and muted color palettes. This can make it somewhat difficult to find bar decor that’s specifically shabby chic in nature, but this rustic wine cellar canvas sign may be just what you’ve been looking for!

With a khaki canvas framed in worn turquoise and weathered white framing, this wall art is perfect for a wine bar area. Even if you don’t have an actual wine bar, it’s a great piece to hang over your wine storage cabinet or shelves.

Vintage Man Cave Bar Decor

Beer Signs

If you love the look of a vintage man cave (or know a gentleman who does), there are plenty of fun decorative elements in store for you. Because beer is a common man cave theme, a great option is decorating with those old-school neon bar signs (which are, admittedly, still pretty common in whole-in-the-wall places!).

Although it utilizes LED technology, this Budweiser sign appears particularly vintage with its gold leaf detail and use of the company’s throwback font. The best part is that, even though the sign looks neon, it operates free of that annoying hum genuine neon signs emit when lit up because of the LED light.

Modern Farmhouse Bar Decor

Modern Farmhouse Bar Cart

If you’re at all familiar with the modern farmhouse style, you know galvanized metal is a such a common design element, it’s probably more of an essential design element for this genre. Because this material tends to be even more common in kitchen and dining areas, it goes without saying that it goes quite well with modern farmhouse bar decor, too!

One of our favorite galvanized metal items ever is this gorgeous bar cart, which features three tiers and gold trim. In addition to being just plain fun, the best thing about bar carts is their practicality. This will serve well as extra storage for your bar accessories or even as just a styled decorative element.

Traditional Farmhouse Bar Decor

Traditional Farmhouse Bar Decor

Don’t worry – we didn’t forget about you traditionalists out there. Because of a fairly strict adherence to a clean, white color palette and use of natural materials, traditional farmhouse decorators might be a little more limited when hunting for bar decor, but believe us, you still have options!

This rustic wood accent shelf is absolutely perfect for the traditional farmhouse bar. With natural-looking white, weathered wood and simple, clean lines, this farmhouse shelf rack is perfect for a bar area. Use it to store bar accessories, wine bottles, or anything else you need to keep handy for entertaining.

Industrial Farmhouse Bar Decor

Industrial Farmhouse Bar Decor

Some hallmarks of the industrial farmhouse are metal materials, bold signage, and Edison-style or marquee bulbs. With that said, decorating a bar area of this nature can be pretty fun to do because there are so many textures and elements you can play with.

This vintage-style metal marquee bar sign is just the ticket for an industrial farmhouse bar. It’s got the big, bold font, galvanized metal appearance, and of course those sought-after exposed light bulbs. The best part? It’s LED and cordless, so it’s super simple to hang anywhere you like.

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