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5 Rooms That will Benefit from More Storage Options

The average home in the United States has approximately six rooms. Some homes have a few less, and some have a lot more. Regardless of the amount, we all want to find the best home storage solutions that look good and help us optimize every space. 

Each room in our home has a different purpose. Consider how you use the unique spaces in your home then devise a plan to address all of your home organization ideas and needs. To get you on your way to maintaining a clutter-free space, let's look at our picks for five rooms that could use more storage options. 

Living Room

Living room with glass console, decor, corner shelf console, credenza with television

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Our living rooms are gathering places where we have family time with friendly conversations, relax and watch TV or read with a few throw pillows and blankets for comfort. As warm and cozy is a priority, we still prefer to have our living rooms presentable when invited or surprise guests visit. 

If you prefer to make creature comforts part of your decor, open shelves come in many sizes and materials, like wood, metal, or glass. Positioned in a corner to take up less space or as a focal point, this attractive unit both displays and stores; book collections, plants, or photo albums. 

Hanging or leaning decorative ladders are the trending solution for convenient, easy access to blankets folded and draped over the sturdy rungs ready for a nap on the couch or cold weather. 

Furniture and accent pieces like coffee tables with hidden storage nooks or pouf ottomans are great for those who want our blankets, pillows, TV remotes, and magazines close but remain out of sight. 

When children's clothes and toys spill out into the living room or other areas of the house, the clock on the wall says it's time to step up on organizing the children's bedroom.  

Child's Bedroom

Child's play room with a small table and chairs on an area rug with small hanging basket containers

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The best home storage solutions for a child's bedroom should be durable enough to handle mighty little ones. They don't know their own strength!  

Dresser drawers that take up wall space aren't the only game in town for storing kids' clothes. Pull out drawers or plastic containers that slide under the bed, protect clothing and save room for things like dollhouses or play areas. 

Is it just us, or are kids' shoes and toys the number one items that get lost in the most random depths of the house? Open shelf wood furniture with a few labeled baskets or bins gives kids incentive to toss in their shoes or toys like a basketball after using. 

Want to get crayons, markers, coloring books, and legos under control? See-through hanging wire bins are great for organizing books, and no digging around in a closet is required. Place markers and crayons in plastic cuplike receptacles mounted to a wall next to the wire bins for cohesion. Paint the containers to match the colors of the room.


Kitchen with center island with stools, hanging pots and pans, floating shelves, oven and cabinets

The kitchen is similar to a child's bedroom. All of the contents of the kitchen, glasses, spoons, dishes end up everywhere but the kitchen. No matter how small or large the kitchen, there is always a place to put things.

Ample kitchen cabinet space is something that exists only in dreams. Stacked floating shelves supplement the lack of cabinets and make extra room for storing glasses, stacked plates, flatware organizers. Glass or plastic jars for storing cereals and snacks look cleaner than bags and boxes with tears. 

After the pool party season, don't put away your rolling bar carts. These mobile shelves come in handy any time of the year. Incorporate the cart into your current kitchen setup for housing pots, pans, large bowls, or even wine bottles. 

Like our kitchens, it doesn't take much for a laundry room to get messy and riddled with leaky detergent bottles, odd socks, and dryer sheets all over the floor.

Laundry Room

Laundry room with brick chevron floors, built-in shelving, floating shelves, and a window

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The laundry room usually isn't the most exciting place in the house. Piles of clothes and other laundry accessories are placed on the floor or directly on the machines. You can make this space cleaner and brighter with a few suggestions. 

Shelving, shelving, and more shelving! Whether it's built-in bookcase shelving or large floating shelves mounted above the washer and dryer, they are your greatest asset to moving forward with a clean laundry room.

Grab a few baskets for collapsible laundry bins and organize them by whites, colored clothing, or dry cleaning. If you love your clothes, this is an excellent way to avoid fading vibrant colors, shrinking wools, and accidentally dying whites. Place your baskets on shelves to free up floor space. 

If you have limited space in your laundry room, consider emptying detergent bottles into glass bottles with spigots. Detergent bottles are overly bulky, take up too much space, and are unattractive. You can also store detergent pods, safety pins, and clothes hangers in decorative glass jars on shelves. 

Some laundry areas are part of a bigger entryway, similar to a mudroom. 

 Entryway or Mudroom

Entryway with built-in wood bench with cubby holes and baskets, hooks with backpacks and a shelf with photographs

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Entryways or mudrooms can get cluttered, but more often than not, they just get dirty. By organizing the "welcoming" part of the house, we can keep it relatively clean. 

Floating shelves with attached coat hangers have dual functionality. You can hang your coat, jacket, or keys and place gloves and hats above the ledge. 

After coming inside from being out in nasty weather, you need a place to keep towels for drying off and leave wet shoes behind. Store shoes, athletic equipment, towels, and dry clothes in easy-to-access baskets that slide into built-in wood benches with cubby holes. Rinse out baskets or line them with environmentally safe material, such as waxed canvas to avoid getting dirty and moldy.

Finding storage solutions for your unique space may be challenging in the short term but worth it in the long run. When completed, you're rewarding yourself with more room, the ability to find things quickly, and accents that improve the look of your home. 


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