5 Quick Ways to Transition to Vintage Decor

5 Quick Ways to Transition to Vintage Decor

Do you dream of transforming your space into a Pinterest-worthy farmhouse style home, but feel a little overwhelmed? Maybe you know you want that cozy cottage vibe, but aren’t sure where to begin? Rest assured, you definitely don’t need to knock down walls or get rid of everything you own to start introducing farmhouse decor into your home.

To get the ball rolling, here are five quick tips for jumpstarting your new farmhouse aesthetic!

#1 - Stay neutral

If most of your current decor is rather modern, it can certainly feel like you have to start all over to get that welcoming country look. But never fear! You can take your first baby steps toward farmhouse style by deliberately selecting from what you already have and supplementing with a just a few new pieces.

Even if most of your decor is more modern, maintaining a neutral color palette will help keep your design cohesive and allow you to smoothly transition to a more farmhouse look. Scour your home for pieces in cream, white, beige, light grey, muted blues and greens, brown and natural wood tones. Splashes of barn red, metal accents, and anything with vintage type can do wonders for giving those neutral pieces country charm.

#2 - Sweep it under the rug

Some people are lucky enough to have gorgeous hardwood floors--or the time to rip up carpets and linoleum to see what’s underneath. Fortunately for the rest of us, there’s a quick and easy solution for changing up your flooring: area rugs!

A cleverly placed area rug can cover up that scratched linoleum, or balance out an overwhelming carpeting color. If you do have wood floors, area rugs add dimension and warmth that can make a room feel even cozier.

Cream, taupe, and other neutral floor treatments work wonderfully, especially when paired with textured materials. Subtle geometric patterns further emphasize texture, and vintage-inspired floral rugs can bring in subtle color with an antique look that feels right at home in a farmhouse.

Pro-tip: Get washable rugs, especially if you have pets, children, or love a good hike through the mud. Having a white area rug is so much lower-maintenance when you can just throw it in the washing machine!

#3 - Frame it up

We all have that box of photographs or prints we’ve been meaning to display that we can’t seem to get around to framing. Perhaps you have some lovely pictures sitting in the not-so-lovely plastic frames you received them in, or some sweet postcards getting slowly wrecked on your crowded fridge.

A rustic picture frame is a simple way to add distressed wood accents with a personal touch to any room. If there’s some inspiring antique typography to accompany it, even better!

Daunted by the idea of framing everything? Want to be able to swap photos and cards out quickly and easily? Photo clip frames are the way to go. They are super cute, super easy, and have a DIY look that’s right at home in this design style.

#4 - Tuck away the tech

Is that pile of remote controls on your coffee table killing the vintage vibe?

Grab a wooden crate to keep remotes in and not only will you always know where to find them, but you’ll have timeless farmhouse style in place of contemporary clutter. (This is also a great opportunity to make sure you’ve only got remotes that actually go to something and chuck the rest!) If you’ve got some larger electronics to contend with like video game controllers, a large rustic crate or a basket underneath the coffee table works well too.

To take this tip to the next level, hang a small set of curtains in a neutral, textured fabric or a subtle vintage floral in front of the TV so you can keep it easily out of sight when not in use.

#5 - New old-fashioned paint

Ok, we know, anything involving paint is not quite as quick as some of the previous suggestions. But painting and distressing a single dresser or side table is less than a day of work, and it can absolutely transform the feel of a room! This is a great way to revive thrift store finds and hand-me-downs, or to give a unique look to cookie cutter store-bought furniture.

Classic white, off-whites, greys, and blues are great choices for repainting your furniture. Light colors help prevent large pieces from feeling bulky or too big for the room. Using lighter color paint also makes any DIY distressing more visible.

Use chalk paint (not to be confused with chalkboard paint) for a more antique look, and if you’re feeling ambitious, go a step further and use sandpaper to distress the edges for that well-loved aesthetic. Set it with wax, let it dry, and enjoy your newly rustic mirror, bookshelf, or coffee table.

Do you have other quick tips for jumping into farmhouse decor? Have you tried one of our ideas above? Let us know in the comments!

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