5 Perfect Gifts for Dad’s Man Cave

5 Perfect Gifts for Dad’s Man Cave

Dad did a lot for you growing up. When he wasn’t teaching you how to change a tire, the difference between a screwdriver and a wrench, or the value of a hard-earned dollar, he was working hard to help provide for the family (all while sharpening up his awesome dad-joke punchlines).

Whether it’s Father’s Day, his birthday, or simply just because, show dad your appreciation for him by getting him something perfect for his man cave. Trust us – he may not be too concerned with filling his relaxation haven with trendy decor, but he’ll definitely love having a few of these around.

1. LED Craft Beer Sign

Is your dad into craft brew? Gift him something that’ll help brighten up his cave like this vintage-inspired LED craft beer sign! The combination of weathered wood and sleek metal give this piece a decidedly masculine appearance and the sign has displays on both sides instead of just one. Plus, it’s cordless and battery-operated, so he can hang it anywhere he wants.

2. Historic Route 66 Framed LED Sign

Signage is definitely a staple for most man caves, and this historic Route 66 framed LED sign would be a great addition to his collection. With license plate detail and of course an artistic rendering of the notorious Route 66 sign itself, this sign would be a particularly awesome gift for car enthusiasts, wanderlusters, and history buffs alike!

3. Vintage Dad’s Garage Wood and Metal Sign

Does your dad enjoy spending most of his free time working on cars, motorcycles, tractors, or lawn mowers? Then this vintage-style galvanized metal and wood sign would look great in his garage or man cave! This sign would especially look great if dad enjoys decorating his area with other vehicular decor (even if he won’t admit he actually is decorating).

4. LED Showtime Sign

We get it – not all dads are into cars and beer. If his interests tend to lie more in the radio/film/television universe, it’s likely that his man cave is more of a theater room than anything else. If so, gift him this snazzy LED “Showtime” sign to help set the feel of an old-timey movie theater! The LED lights aren’t terribly overwhelming, so they won’t keep the room too bright while a movie’s in session. The best part? Not only can you hang it or set it on a flat surface like a bar, it’s also cordless, making placement incredibly easy.

5. Vintage Pepsi Cola Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Bring dad back to the good-ol-days with this vintage Pepsi bottle opener and cap catcher! This unique item is reminiscent of the old-school vending machine bottle openers commonly found in gas stations in days of yore. If he’s not much of a Pepsi guy, he might enjoy the look and style of this barbecue-themed bottle opener instead! This wall mount would be great in a man cave, garage, or work shed. 

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