A room with emerald green wall, wired end tables, velvet blue and bronze chair, various plants, and an open metal bookshelf with vases and plants and a gold industrial chandelier.

5 of the Most Popular Home Decor Trends for 2022

People generally associate the beginning of a new year with hope and the exciting possibility of creating positive change in our lives for the coming year. Let's ride the new year momentum wave and start 2022 by making a few changes to our personal physical space. Just updating one room with the latest decor trend or clearing out a cluttered closet can improve motivation and our emotional outlook for the coming year. 

Industry design experts just released their anticipated "what's in and what's out" in home decor trends for 2022. After two years of social distancing and working from home, there is a clear focus on personal expression, addressing our individual needs, maximalism, vintage, reclaimed materials, and a yearning to connect with nature, even indoors. 

It seems that minimalism, too much grey, and open floor plans are exiting the center stage for the time being. Continue reading for more details on what colors, shapes, and aesthetics you can expect to see for the following year. 

Retro Looks

A midcentury modern armchair in dark wood and grey upholstery is placed next to a mid-century modern credenza with a plant, and an abstract print with Geometric half circle wallpaper in mustard yellow, pink, navy, grey, cream and orange on a white background on the wall behind.

Image - Retro-Geometric Wallpaper- Etsy.com

We're going to slide on our wide-legged pants and daydream about returning to the days of disco and Studio 54. Do up your space in bold groovy 1970's geometric prints, striped throw pillows, shower curtains with triangles, and furniture upholstery in hypnotizing checkerboard patterns, circles, or classic chevron.

At the height of the 1970s, almost every home had at least one wood-paneled wall. The wood-paneled wall is back, along with dark wood cabinets for vinyl turntables, credenzas, and pots for plants.

Furniture, decor, ceiling, and walls will appear much softer this year as a revival of the curve reminiscent of 1920s Art Deco resumes popularity. Expect to step inside your neighbor's home and eat on rounded countertops, drink martinis served on a curved bar, and sit on a wavy-backed couch accented with circular area rugs.

Check out the neighborhood or online vintage stores for rare original pieces that fit these design trends. 


A round dining room table with rattan chairs, decorated with a fruit bowl and greenery. The paneled wall behind is painted in a dark green hue with six botanical images mounted to the wall.

Image - Botanical Art by McGee and Co.

Plant parents have always been a thing, but this niche movement has experienced a surge in new green thumb members because of a growing need to feel closer to nature. Over the last two years, the demand for plants has grown exponentially. Plants give back to us with their ever-changing beauty and supply life-giving oxygen. "Staircase gardens" and "floral ceilings" are updated, creative ways to show off your growing botanical babies.

Though some of us may not have the touch to keep up with the needs of live plants and flowers, there are plenty of other options for bringing the benefits of nature inside our homes with botanical decor. High-quality faux plants can offer the same visual aesthetics as live plants and are available in many varieties. Green-painted alcoves filled with rattan wicker furniture will be a choice for breakfast nooks.

Add accent pieces of birds to wood coffee tables or leafy light fixtures around bathroom or entryway mirrors. Highlight walls by hanging floral patterned images, French botanical art, or earthy paintings with trees and mushrooms.


Plants, books, and pictures, and tchotchkes line inlaid, book case shelving. The floors are hard wood, and there is a rattan chandelier.
Image - Cottagecore Sheholdsdearly.com

Don't confuse maximalism with excess or clutter. We've learned that having "things" that we love around us helps us get through more challenging moments. It's ok to still appreciate the cleanness of minimalism design, but spending more time at home has shown us that we need some creature comforts.

Living in the English countryside in a rural cottage is not a prerequisite to decorating a space in Cottagecore fashion. The hallmarks of this look include wooden cupboards lined with Delftware, french floral baskets filled with dried flowers, greenery, vintage books, and portraits of horses and dogs. Cottagecore uses comfort, muted tones, and handcrafted goods to make its statement.

Grand Millennial lives up to the grand in its name. This aesthetic leans towards traditional feminine hues and decor. Achieve Grand Millennial status by incorporating patterned wallpaper with birds and florals in place of paint, ornate vintage table lamps instead of overhead lighting, patterned curtains in an exaggerated length tied together with trimmings like Victorian teacups. 

Multifunctional Spaces and Furniture

A small desk area with a wood stool and desk top computer in between a glass door that leads to the outside and a kitchen with drawers and cabinets with hard wood floors.

Image - House and Home

Work from home seems like it's here to stay. So why not create an at-home workspace that doesn't take up a lot of space and functions as a storage area, extra seating for guests, or a dressing vanity room. Multifunctional spaces with additional shelving, greenery, and ergonomic, versatile furniture are on-trend.

Open floor plans for people with kids and families are not as desirable as they used to be. Enclosed smaller spaces with privacy, like a large unused closet, offer quiet time away from other family members, perfect for concentrating or attending online meetings. Try to find a corner or room that gets natural light or a desk lamp with soft light. Add tactile textures like shag carpets, plants, and wood or clay vases to visually separate the area from the rest of the house and make it feel like a space that is comfortable to work in.

Sustainable bedroom decor, with large bedroom window, wicker rocking chair with floral throw pillow, distressed traditional area rug, macrame wall decor, sage green paneled wall, creme colored comforter and orange throw pillows.

 Image - Home Design Tips Guide Blog Modsy 

Sustainable design is based on sourcing, reclaimed used furniture, and other objects constructed from natural materials like wood, stone, organic cotton, and jute and repurposing them into unique pieces that are chic and functional.

People are finding they prefer one-of-a-kind handcrafted furnishings that have longer life spans. Some of us are learning how to carve, knit, build furniture, and dye fabrics using plant-based dyes. Material finishes have rougher tactile textures compared to structured and smooth.

Soft, warm pieces in creamy textures, neutral mood-boosting colors including blankets knitted with organic wool or cotton, macrame wall hangings, and vintage paintings give a space elegance.

The upcoming year's trends encompass flexibility in decorative styling, focusing on comfort and health wrapped in chic.










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